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Top GPP Strategies for the 2016 NFL Season

The dog days of summer are behind us and we finally meet the 2016 NFL season. Tournaments are already in the lobbies of both major websites and the new wave of advertisements are sure to be rolled out any day now. With the most popular DFS sport about to begin, we take a look at winning scores of last year’s Millionaire Maker Tournaments and see what GPP strategies will be king this NFL season.


Long gone are the days of just pairing your quarterback with his primary receiver and reaping the results. With NFL GPP’s reaching 150k+ entries, a combination of Aaron Rodgers & Jordy Nelson won’t give you the uniqueness nor the upside you need to take down a large field tournament. Using a trio not only increases your upside, but it gives you the uniqueness you need to prevail in these massive contests.

QB + WR + RB

Many tend to think that having a WR & RB from the same team might limit upside and have a negative correlation. Taking the most popular trio as an example, Antonio Brown rarely gets redzone targets while Deangelo Williams was a popular option for the team near the goal line. Brown did the majority of his work earlier in drives and therefor didn’t feel the negative correlation from a two yard Williams TD. It was an explosive trio that led ‘1DontTryThisAtHome1’ to a Milly Maker win on week 13. Find the trios around the league that have this capability and you could separate yourself from the field.

See 2015 Milly Maker Winners Here

QB + 2 Pass Catchers

We mostly saw it last year from Brady and his buddies. In multiple weeks you could roll out Brady, Edelman, and Gronkowski, only to find yourself with 75+ points between the trio. Bortles, Robinson, and Hurns was another popular tandem that made DFS players some serious cash. It was an easy way to differentiate your lineups from the regular two-man stacks while reaching an even bigger ceiling. Look to exploit these huge games from teams and extract as many points possible.

The Value Back

If you visit that link above and glance over the past Milly Maker winners, you would notice many of them saved at a certain position. Running back is a difficult position to pay off your salary from, for the reason that many starting backs aren’t pass catchers and are usually priced up a bit. Using low priced pass catching backs that can pay off their salary with a few touches is definitely the way to go. Many of the top lineups found the RB position filled with guys like Danny Woodhead, Dion Lewis, and Lamar Miller. The purpose of this is to have backs who not only exceed value but crush their price and return 4x or 5x. These are some pointers to help you identify these low priced players.

  • RB’s in injury situations
  • 3rd Down backs in pass heavy offenses
  • Pass catchers on underdog teams
  • Cheap goal line backs

The Risk

These are a few strategies to help you increase upside in tournaments and separate yourself from the large field GPP’s we see during the NFL season. Remember that these are very risky strategies and rely on a team scoring an abundance of points or getting into a shootout. None of these tactics will ever be utilized in cash games and should actually be used as ‘What not to do in cash games’. Anyway, you can review some of last year’s scores on Fantasy Cruncher’s ‘Lineup Rewind’ which can be used for free. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@MLora) for more NFL GPP tips!