Sports Offered: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and Soccer (EPL and UEFA)

Click HERE to sign up to Yahoo; when you make a deposit you will receive 30 days free FanVice premium membership. Premium members have access to our most powerful tools, as well as the option to enter exclusive contests and freerolls.

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Yahoo Sports – Daily Fantasy is backed by one of the largest internet companies in the world. One of the things that makes Yahoo! unique is their Fair Play Policy which has been designed to enhance the user experience by not creating contests that are overrun by multi-entries (no gamer may have more than 1% of all entries in a contest) and they also offer “No Veteran” contests which allow new gamers a chance to hone their skills against competition of a similar experience level. Additionally, along with DraftKings, they are the only other site in the industry currently offering the “late-swap” feature that allows gamers to change their players, as long as the actual sporting events have not started and the salary cap as well as the positional requirements are met.

Yahoo! also has mobile apps for both iPhones as well as Android devices.