Sports Offered: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL

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FanDuel is a distinguished pioneer in the daily fantasy sports world with the longest tenure of any site, launching in July 2009. Attributes that enable FanDuel to continue bringing in new gamers include a simple, efficient interface which is combined with a straightforward scoring system and salary cap that new gamers can grasp quickly. Experienced gamers appreciate the sizable prize pools in all sports offered by FanDuel, including live final destination events that offer prestige and life changing top prizes. All manner of bankrolls are considered by FanDuel and they offer paid contests with entry fees ranging from $1 to $10,600, so there is something for everyone. One of the hidden gems is the largest single entry contests in the industry, where each gamer is allowed only one entry into a contest, providing the opportunity to compete with all other users on an even playing field. FanDuel also has a very slick mobile application so gamers can keep tabs on their lineups or create new ones while on the go.