Sports Offered: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and Soccer (EPL and UEFA)

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DraftKings arrived on the daily fantasy sports scene during the spring of 2012 and they quickly took the market by storm, offering more sports than any other site in the industry, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, NASCAR, Premier League and UEFA Champions League soccer, MMA (mixed martial arts) and even Canadian League Football for those slow summer months.
One thing that sets DraftKings apart from other sites is the unique “late-swap” feature which allows gamers to swap out players’ who have not yet started their games and remain within the salary cap and position requirement guidelines. This is particularly helpful during the NBA season when players are often times scratched just before their games tip off.
No other daily fantasy sports website has minted more millionaires than DraftKings who offers in-season tournaments as well as featured destination live-finals with million dollar first place prizes in sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB and PGA.
DraftKings also has mobile apps for both iPhones as well as Android devices.