NBA Thoughts 2/14/17

Tonight features a small three-game slate and injury situations we can take advantage of. In order to get separation from the field we might need to get a little crazy with our cheapies. Because of the short slate, I’ll go over the overall top plays of the slate when factoring price. Let’s get into it!

Best Approach

Tonight seems like a perfect night to try MME. There are core plays across the board at each position, but the value seems extremely dicey. Rotating a few of these volatiles value options might be the best way to land that perfect lineup. I enter 150 lineups every night, but the strategy is extremely effective on small slate like tonight. In the next section I’ll list the top plays in order of my exposure and follow it with the cheapies I’ll take shots on. There aren’t many viable combinations on a three game slate, so the strategy of hitting on one of the volatile cheapies (which single lineup players won’t try) can propel you to the top 1%.


Guys that make it happen

Here are the players I am prioritizing in my lineups tonight.

Jimmy ButlerJimmy Butler
Ricky RubioKyle Lowry
Kyle LowryDeMarcus Cousins
D’Angelo RussellRicky Rubio
Karl-Anthony TownsAndrew Wiggins


These guys all seem pretty solid and provide a floor as well. Cheapies from the Lakers like Nance, Zubac, and Deng are all volatile but could be the pieces that can help you afford another stud and be difference makers. Choosing between Frye and Jefferson could another option or one of the Bulls cheapies could step up for Wade and be a game changer. It’s extremely risky but these are the risks that can make you a lot of money on a slate like this.

Feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) with any questions. I’ll also be in the premium slack chat leading up to lock. Have a great Valentines Day enjoy the night. No need to sweat a three game slate. Till next time, party animals!