NHL Power Plays 2/3/18

First things first, it is a Saturday where a few teams are on the back end of a back to back. Expect a little craziness this evening. It’s an eleven game slate this night. Let’s not waste any time.

A bit of news to pass along to the readers – at time of writing, it looks like there is much intrigue to this slate. From New Jersey and Pittsburgh to even New York and Nashville, potential exists for a decent scoring night. Does it all pan out? That is the question. PLEASE NOTE THAT SEVERAL GAMES WE HELD OFF ON PICKS BECAUSE OF EXPECTED LATE SHIFTS BY COACHES. Do not think that these possible picks were ignored.

Injuries have had a real, tangible impact. Goalie confirmations for quite a few will come later in the day. The main slate starts at 7:00 pm ET. Anyway, let’s see who may be a little tired.

Teams On The Back End Of A Back To Back

Pittsburgh Penguins
Minnesota Wild
Detroit Red Wings

Let’s get into the centers of attention on this night. There will be more emphasis on values. However, in our picks, there will be more of the usual choices. The goal is to mix more value in this evening. We apologize for no FantasyDraft prices but due to an unforeseen glitch, they could not be placed in. Blame pilot error here.

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