NHL Power Plays 2/24/18

First things first, it is Saturday where a few teams are on the back end of a back to back. Expect a little craziness this evening. It’s a ten game slate this night. Let’s not waste any time. The live Final does not have the New Jersey-New York game tonight. For everyone else, the game is in.

A bit of news to pass along to the readers – at time of writing, it looks like there is much intrigue to this slate. From Pittsburgh and Florida to even Boston and Toronto, potential exists for a moderately high scoring night. Does it all pan out? That is the question. Remember, there will likely be several games with an over/under of six and do not be surprised if Winnipeg and Dallas hits six as well.

Injuries are a theme in the early going and watch to see who was banged up from the weekend. Goalie confirmations for quite a few will come later in the day. All games start at 7:00 pm ET.

Teams On The Back End Of A Back To Back  

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