Welcome back fellow #FamVice members as we get ready for Week 2 of NFL! Just a quick recap for anyone who may be new to the site and viewing this for the first time; If you want a full breakdown of my “Cash Game Selection Strategy”, you can read the full article from last week here:


Now onto this week!

Well it’s week 2 and the sites have really reduced their big “Cash Games” compared to last week. That’s fine though as there are still good cash games to be had. Some trends that I have noticed is that once again outside of Single Entry Tournaments, FanDuel doesn’t have any large 50/50’s or double ups posted. Now I noticed earlier in the week they did, but once those contests filled they never posted more? Seems strange but we can take advantage of those next week as I will get this article up on Tuesdays moving forward so we can get in on some of the early contests, as well as play the Thursday slate. In my next article I will also explain my strategy for Thursday slates as there is a trick to that as well that can really work in our favor in Cash Games.

Now, as for DraftKings, I have posted a handful of good contests to enter. Some are near filling so they may or may not be available by time you read this article, but don’t worry; DraftKings has been posting new contests pretty much right after one fills. I will update these contests tomorrow morning as I see new ones spawn.

With all that said check out the contests below and thanks again for reading!


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