NBA Thoughts – 3/18/17

Houston at Denver. The easiest advice would be to stack this game as all plays in this game are great. I’ll analyze the best point-per-dollar plays on the slate and try not to mention many from this game. Since there is plenty of value, both ‘stars and scrubs’ and ‘balanced’ lineups are extremely viable. Let’s get to it!


Lineup Construction

Fitting one stud seems easy but fitting two gets a lot tougher. Balanced would be my preferred method tonight but there isn’t a correct way. Some of my favorite pt/$ plays favor the balanced style a little more. Obviously, Harden and Jokic are at the top of the board when it comes to studs, but using one and having a more balanced lineup provides the perfect combination of floor and upside. Here are the guys making their way into my ‘balanced’ lineups.


DeAndre JordanDeAndre Jordan
Draymond GreenDraymond Green
Mason PlumleeWill Barton
Chris PaulMason Plumlee


These guys have some of the highest floors on the slate but at their price levels they provide the upside you need in tournaments. Most of my balanced lineups will have these players.


Guys that make it happen (Cheapies)

If you want Harden, Jokic, or Lebron, these are the cheapies that are filling my lineups. A couple of these players come with a low floor, but could turn out to be the Solomon Hill of tonight’s slate.


Joe InglesJoe Ingles
Nikola MiroticNikola Mirotic
Andre IguodalaAndre Iguodala
Tony AllenCody Zeller


You can fit two studs if you incorporate enough of these cheapies. It makes for the perfect boom or bust lineup which is exactly what you want in tournaments. Most of my value is coming from this chart unless news breaks during the day.


As always, feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) with any question regarding tonight’s slate. I’ll also be in the premium slack channel leading up to lock. I hope this Saturday treats you all well. Till next time, party animals!