NBA Thoughts – 3/14/17

As I began writing this, Covington was just upgraded to “Questionable” as he went through parts of shoot around. This takes some obvious value plays off the board and makes the slate just a bit tougher. With the lack of value on the board, a balanced lineup seems optimal. Let’s look at these mid-tier options that are filling my lineups.


Lineup Construction

There is no need to force ‘stars and scrubs’ if there isn’t any value that offers upside. We tend to get enamored with the $3k price tag even when some of those players offer a low floor. Like yesterday, most of my rosters will have $4k+ players at every position. Here are some of my favorite plays.


Thaddeus YoungKentavious Caldwell-Pope
Andre IguodalaJusuf Nurkic
Jeremy LinReggie Jackson
Draymond GreenDeMarcus Cousins


These are the players that offer the best point-per-dollar in my opinion. They have some built in upside due to their pricing and have a solid floor as well.


Game Theory

With the PG spot being relatively weak, a fade of the most popular option here might be wise. Jeremy Lin seems like the best play to me, but due to decent defensive numbers by OKC and Lin still being limited, a fade could work. Punting SG with Jordan Crawford and moving up to Kyrie, Jrue, or Steph could be an option. Punting the PG spot could be an option as well if you want to take a shot on a $3k cheapie in Brooklyn behind Lin. Either way, the fade is worth considering and could give you a leg up on the field.


As always, feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) with questions regarding tonight’s slate. I’ll also be in the premium slack channel leading up to lock. I hope you all have a great Tuesday. Till next time, party animals!