NBA Thoughts – 3/13/17

Another Monday in the association. Tonight, features eight games with a ton of value options brewing, studs in great spots, and an underpriced mid-tier you can take advantage of. News will certainly be dropping closer to lock as we have a few key names who are currently ‘Questionable’. With all that said, there’s tons of huge tournament across the industry so let’s dig in!


Lineup Construction

We don’t have to go far back to find the last eight game slate. Friday the 10th featured a slate like tonight’s where there is “value” but it’s questionable at best and comes with a low floor. On Friday, some of the Nets were popular due to the absence of Brook Lopez and late news shifted some to play Dellavedova. Guys like Hamilton, Acy, Dellavedova, and Koufos, all bring low floors and were just “price plays”. If we could have avoided those land mines, we would of have a monster night. Here was the winning lineup in the big DraftKings $4 tournament.


Not one player in this lineup was under $4.8k and most of them exceeded their salary. Upside is all relative to a player’s price and these guys were underpriced for their projected output. If we could avoid the players who give you 15-20 fantasy points, even if they’re minimum salary, we could achieve much better results.


Guys that make it happen

I’m going to list some of my favorite plays that happen to fall into this category. I think tonight is an open night where you’re able to roll out whichever type of lineup you want. There are plenty of options and neither ‘stars and scrubs’ nor ‘balanced’ will be the wrong choice.


Rudy GobertNikola Jokic
Marc GasolD’Angelo Russell
Kemba WalkerEvan Fournier
Jordan ClarksonJordan Clarkson
Evan FournierMarc Gasol


As news comes out, lineup construction could change. As of now, these players will make up most of my lineups and provide the upside I want in tournaments. If I can dodge the low-floor players and have guys who can exceed their salary at every position, I can assure myself a night like Friday.


As always, feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) with any questions for tonight’s slate. I’ll also be in the premium slack chat leading up to lock. I hope everyone has a huge Monday. Till next time, party animals!