NBA Thoughts – 3/11/17

This quickly turned into one of the ugliest slates of the season. We had one of the most anticipated games of the season come crashing down with all the top players resting. So even though we don’t have the big names going for this matchup, it will still be the most important game of the night when we’re talking about value. I’ll dedicate this article to try and decipher the puzzle that is this Spurs-Warriors game, and let you know which punts are actually viable. Let’s dig in!


Minutes Projections

Looking at the depth chart, we can see where the minutes are going to be distributed. There aren’t many guys left on the Warriors side so their minutes’ projection is easier to come by. The Warriors have about six guys who can play the Center and Power Forward position. This leaves only four players to man the SF, SG, and PG spots. The players forced into heavy minutes are the ones we want. Matt Barnes is the only active SF for the team. Livingston is the projected starter at PG with his backup being Ian Clark who is a true SG. All these guys are the ones with appeal since they will be on the court for most the game. Here’s a list of the value plays in the order I like them the most from both teams.


Ian ClarkIan Clark
David LeePatty Mills
Matt BarnesDavid Lee
Patty MillsShaun Livingston

We already established that these guys are forced into minutes and have no backup that could potentially steal minutes. Today is a big enough slate that you don’t need to roster all of them in one lineup, but in the case you want to fit a couple, these players would be the ones you want. It also goes without saying, today is the true definition of ‘stars and scrubs’.

As always, you can message me on Twitter (@MLora) with any questions about the slate. I’ll also be in the premium slack channel leading up to lock. Hope everyone enjoys this Saturday slate. Till next time, party animals!