NBA Thoughts 2/9/17

Another 5-game slate on the horizon and yet again it’s an ugly one. Utah and Dallas face off tonight, Cleveland is resting the big three, and another blowout could be in play. I’ll go through the best plays out of the bunch and see how we can piece them together to make the best possible lineups. Let’s get to it!


Roster Construction

There seems to be an absurd amount of value when you consider the Cavs situation. By default, tonight becomes a ‘stars and scrubs’ night where the hardest part is predicting which scrubs will see run and perform. Instead of giving you value plays to pair with the top guys, I’ll try to dissect this situation a little bit for everyone.

This same situation happened a while ago on a back-to-back set with Memphis. For that game, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, and Chris Andersen were with the team and now are out. Most of the players going today for the Cavs are near min salary and make solid case for value plays. With the big three off the court, consider the following.




Kay Felder seems to be the player who benefits the most and the only one who averages over a fantasy point per minute. Jordan McRae might reach value on minutes only as he’s projected to play quite a bit. Overall, I’m not sure how much I can trust this team as many of these players can’t create their own shot. Stick to one or two and continue with the slate would be my opinion.


Guys that make it happen

The top guys will be the one catapulting you to the top of tournaments, so here is the list of the guys I want in my lineups.


Russell WestbrookRussell Westbrook
Nikola VucevicNikola Vucevic
Nicolas BatumDamian Lillard
Mason PlumleeKemba Walker
James HardenJames Harden


There’s no secret when it comes to these guys. The best players on their teams and in pretty decent matchups. When paying up, these are the studs you want.

As always feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) with any questions. I’ll also be in the premium slack chat leading up to lock. I hope everyone has a great Thursday and a profitable one at that. Till next time, party animals!