NBA Thoughts 2/7/17

Tonight features a small but condensed three-game slate. We have one of the highest priced players of all time, but he may be impossible to fit in unless you take some serious risks. I’ll quickly mention my thought process and why I choose to go balanced on a night like tonight. Let’s get to it!

Roster Construction

It’s no secret that everyone wants to roster James Harden today, but at a $13,300 price tag, that’s not the easiest thing to do. Making the most ‘optimal’ lineups I can, most of these don’t include Harden and that scares me. Leaving Harden out of the equation means I get to roster solid players at every position which gives me access to a high floor. I think I’ll even take this floor in GPPs instead of going with the herd and taking risks just to fit Harden. Using the ‘balanced’ approach, here are the players that are making their way into my lineups.

Nicolas BatumClint Capela
Kemba WalkerSerge Ibaka
Marvin WilliamsNikola Vucevic
Nikola VucevicNicolas Batum
Clint CapelaEvan Fournier


These guys are all locked into heavy minutes and have a decent shot at outperforming their salary. It’s very scary to fade the player with the most upside on the slate, but embracing risk on a three-game slate can go a long way.

Feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) with any questions you may have. I’ll also be in the premium slack chat leading up to lock. As always, have a great Tuesday and hope to see more screenshots tonight. Till next time, party animals!