NBA Thoughts 2/4/17

Saturday night in the association brings another 10-game slate full of value and top-tier talent. From the surface it looks like another “stars and scrubs” night where you can pay for your favorites stud and surround him with productive cheapies. It also seems like a slate where we shouldn’t get so risky because of the amount of games. Let’s check out the plays!


With a few teams on back-to-backs and pricing keeping still, we can use some of the same value. The Kings are facing the Warriors have to force guys like Matt Barnes and Ty Lawson into heavy minutes. If we could find these cheapies that will play 30+ minutes and pair them with the like of DeMarcus Cousins, Lebron James, and Anthony Davis, we should be in good shape. Here are the cheapies that are finding their way into my lineups.

Matt BarnesMatt Barnes
Guillermo HernangomezTJ Warren
Ty LawsonTy Lawson
Frank KaminskyFrank Kaminsky
TJ WarrenTony Parker

All these players should see close to 30 minutes if not more and should produce fairly well. These guys will also open up the salary you need to roster the players I’ll mention next.

Guys that make it happen

With all the value on the slate, it’s pretty easy to fit the guys you like. Here are the studs I want anchoring my lineups tonight.

DeMarcus CousinsKevin Love
Bradley BealDeMarcus Cousins
Paul MillsapKevin Durant
Andre DrummondGiannis Antetokounmpo
Kevin DurantAndre Drummond

Many of these guys are in great spots and the only scary thing is back-to-backs. Avoiding blowouts will be the key but that’s harder to predict than we think. Either way, a combination of both cheapies and studs should do the trick on this slate.

As always, I hope this Saturday treat you all well and hope to see some nice screenshots at the end of the night. Till next time, party animals!