NBA Thoughts 2/11/17


The value is making this 8-game slate seem pretty straight forward. It’s looking like a ‘stars and scrubs’ night and once again we might see some monster scores take down tournaments. In order to do that, we need the underpriced guys who can crush their salary while also rostering the studs that will go for 70. The value is pretty obvious so I’ll just lay out the top five plays on the slate with price included. Let’s get into it!


Guys that make it happen

There are a few plays that are just impossible to pass up. These are the top five guys on the slate for me and make a solid “core” if you’re doing MME tonight.


Brandon KnightBrandon Knight
Alex LenAlex Len
Russell WestbrookRussell Westbrook
Steven AdamsSteven Adams
Paul GeorgeKyrie Irving


These players all make up a really strong core even on an 8-game slate. This is a weird slate where plays are so strong it’s really hard to deviate from them. Don’t hesitate when rostering these guys or when considering how much of each you want.


MME Special

I’ll drop another nugget here for subscribers who are looking to MME on a slate like tonight. With value plays as strong as Knight and Len, you might not want to fade them on any lineup. Using three players or a ‘core’ in all of your lineups leaves 5 spots up for grabs. The problem with a core consisting of value plays like tonight is that most of these remaining spots will have to be stud players. By default, you’ll have to add Westbrook or Durant as many times as you can which means they also become part of your core.

Using any variance settings (randomness) or using many unique players will produce many suboptimal lineups and hurt you more than help you on a slate like this one. My recommendation is to stick to a tight core (guys mentioned above) and use little randomness since you don’t have many spots to fill.


I’m almost positive some of you will have questions so feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora). I’ll also be in the premium slack chat leading up to lock. Hope everyone has a great night! Till next time, party animals!