NBA Lineup Construction 1/9/17

 Tonight we have a three-game slate featuring plenty of big tournaments across the industry. Lineup construction will certainly play a huge roll as many wish to fit in Westbrook on a slate that currently has no value. I’ll take you through the most optimal way of making lineups for this short slate, what has worked previously, and how we can replicate that success. Let’s dive in!

Three-Game Lineups

It was pretty challenging when trying to look up a three-game slate to go over, but I did. Just a couple nights ago DraftKings had a three-game late contest which featured 30,000 entries and a top prize of $5,000. Here is the winning lineup.


This lineup seems like your classic stars and scrubs, with four different $4k players while paying up for Cousins and Durant. I’ve mentioned that is the best way to create upside especially in large field tournaments, but that seems a bit difficult today. The $4k players in this lineup were all starters who were cemented into 30+ minutes. If a cheap player is playing less than 30 minutes, he’ll need to average a little over a fantasy point per minute which is rare for a cheapie.

As of right now, this slate doesn’t provide the cheap options we need to roster Russell Westbrook. It sounds crazy, but fading Westy and using the balanced approach seems much more optimal on tonight’s slate. Rostering Westbrook has us looking at guys like Noah, Motiejunas, Mirotic, Bogut, and Jennings just to name a few. All of these players are NOT guaranteed 30 minutes by any means, and would need a ceiling game to make the ‘stars and scrubs’ approach work.


Guys that make it happen

Since rostering Westbrook is a bit tough tonight, I keep using the balanced approach to build my lineups. These are the guys I’m targeting for tonight’s slate.


Carmelo AnthonyGorgui Dieng
Karl-Anthony TownsDerrick Rose
Derrick RoseKarl-Anthony Towns
Kristaps PorzingisCarmelo Anthony
Dwyane WadeJrue Holiday


Not only does a balanced lineup build us a solid floor, it also gives us a decent ceiling when a few of these players are underpriced. This strategy also reduces our use of cheapies which seems important.

Feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) with any questions, or in the premium slack chat. I’ll answer questions until lock and build lineups while discussing the slate. I hope to see some screenshots tonight and I wish everyone another profitable night. Till next time, party animals!