NBA Thoughts 1/26/17

Tonight features a short four-game slate with questionable chalk, to say the least. With Dallas and Utah on the slate, this is one of the uglier four-gamers we’ll have. I’ll do my best to dig into potential “value” and dissect who we should pay up for. Let’s print some money!

Chalk Value

Pierre Jackson – This will be a hot topic leading up till lock. What should we expect from Pierre Jackson? Tough to really tell when the last time this situation happened, he wasn’t on the team. Jackson is a 5’10 guard sitting at 180lbs. Yes, you read that correctly. OKC is a pretty “big” team when you consider their front court, Roberson, and Oladipo being 6’4 210lbs. It’s no secret Curry will be the first in line to soak up as many minutes as he can, so playing two small guards next to each other against OKC really isn’t ideal. On November 9th when this same scenario presented itself, Justin Anderson logged 41 minutes mostly at the SG spot. That makes much more sense when you try forecasting this game. Pierre Jackson will be popular and rightfully so, but he is far from the lock of the night, in my opinion.

Mavericks Team – Guys like Curry, Anderson, and Powell make better plays because of their expected minutes and production. With the injuries to this team, there are a few guys who are much better per minute than others and these are the players who stand out to me. In the November 9th game, they were the ones who saw major minutes and produced very well for their price. I expect to see more of that tonight from these Mavs.

Guys that make it happen

With the value on this shorts slate, it’s pretty easy to fit the guys you want. Here are players that I’m trying to fit into my lineups at all costs.

Rudy GobertKarl-Anthony Towns
Eric BledsoeEric Bledsoe
Karl-Anthony TownsRudy Gobert
Nikola JokicDevin Booker


It’s fairly easy to get these guys in, so play your favorite plays tonight. With so much overlap on a short game slate, going a little off the board and using good players in neutral matchups is a great option.

Like always, feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora). I’ll also be in the premium slack chat answering questions until lock. Have a great Thursday and let’s print some money. Till next time, party animals!