NBA Thoughts 12/20/16 (Premium)


Fresh off a nice 5-game slate where the ViceSquad crushed, we get a huge 11-game slate that isn’t for the weak. Tons of players to dissect, and injury news to monitor until lock. From the looks of it, we should have enough value to afford any of the top guys we want, but it could get tricky. Let’s get into the slate and see what value plays won’t fail us and propel us to the top of leaderboards.

Lineup Construction

As always, I’ll give my takes on how to construct lineups for tonight’s slate, then see what happened in the last comparable slate, and mention some of the plays that can lead us to success at the end. Today seems like a ‘stars and scrubs’ type of day due to the slate being so big and full of value plays. I often mention that this style of play gives us the highest upside and on 11-game slates we need access to a 350+ to make some noise in tournaments. Speaking of ‘stars and scrubs’, I wonder what took down last week’s ten-gamer. Let’s take a look!

It looks semi-balanced on the surface, but when you factor that Westbrook played Utah and Harden was in a predictable blowout, the next three options you could pay for were Wall, Whiteside and Leonard. Most of the top ten lineups mixed in guys like David Lee, Kelly Oubre, and Austin Rivers which were all under $4,000. If we can manage to find a few guys under $4k that can help us roster two studs we would put ourselves in a great spot to have a top 1% score.

Guys that make it happen

Alright, on an 11-game slate there are tons of plays but some can get us in trouble. Here are the cheap guys I’m using to fit players like Lebron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and James Harden into my lineups.


Nene HilarioJustise Winslow
Montrezl HarrellAustin Rivers
John HensonDeMarre Carroll
Channing FryeTristan Thompson
Alexis AjincaPatrick Patterson


Most of these guys are at the forward positions but if you’re looking to punt some of the guard spots, guys like Rivers and Redick should see an uptick on shots.


I’ll confirm most of these plays on the Tuesday edition of the ‘Deeper Dive’ and let you know which cheapies are coming up in my lineups due to news. I hope all of you have another profitable day as we did yesterday. Feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) or in the premium slack chat where I’ll be answering questions. Till next time, party animals!