NBA Thoughts 12/19/16 (Premium)

We’re approaching the end of the calendar year when things start to get more solidified in the NBA scene. We have a good understanding of how teams play, how minutes are being distributed, and where we can expect blowouts. This is usually the time where I start increasing the money I have in play every night, as the process seems to get better every day and more trust worthy. With that being said, let’s check out the five games we have on tap and see who’s on the radar for tonight’s slate.

Lineup Construction

We enter the day with very little value and barely any pending news. For now, this leads us to use the balanced approach which has worked fairly well lately. It’s very risky to get cute on a five-game slate where value is at a premium, so using the mid-tier as your KEY to rostering high-priced players will be important.

I didn’t play NBA yesterday due to being heavily invested in NFL, but I did go over the slate (another 5-gamer) and used the balanced approach as well with good results. Let’s take a look at what took down yesterday’s $4 tournament and how we could use the same tactic today.


If there is no value, don’t force it. In any given slate, there are always players who are mispriced for their expected production that day. Tonight, there may be just enough of these mid-tier players where we can fit the all-mighty Westbrook. Let’s find out!

Guys that make it happen

Obviously, Westbrook is the play today as he is every slate, but the price has crept up to where we might be sacrificing quite a bit in order to roster him. Or are we? Here is a list of guys (HERE ARE THE SIX GUYS, CLOWNS) that I will be using to fit Westbrook into my lineups.

DraftKings Fanduel
Rajon Rondo Rajon Rondo
Thaddeus Young Thaddeus Young
Robin Lopez Andrew Wiggins
Ricky Rubio Zach Lavine
Marcin Gortat Gorgui Dieng
CJ Miles Nikola Jokic


With all these mid-tier guys in good spots, fitting Westbrook might not be so hard after all. I’ve made lineups where I feel great about every player and they include Westbrook so I know it can be done. Most of those lineups include the players above who I think have benefited from tough matchups and now are priced extremely low across the industry.


I’ll make sure to confirm all these plays and more on the ‘Deeper Dive’ later today. Feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) or in the premium slack chat where I’ll be answering questions up until lock. Hope to see everyone succeed today and atop the leaderboards. Till next time, party animals!