NBA Thoughts 12/16/16 (Premium)

The ViceSquad has been on fire lately including yesterday where many subscribers had an extremely profitable night. We hope to continue that tonight where we have a monster ten-game slate. As I usually do, I’ll go over what I feel roster construction looks like today and lay out some options we can use to build lineups tonight. Let’s get to it!

Lineup Construction

The lack of value is making it difficult to go the ‘stars and scrubs’ route that we love using for upside purposes. Besides the Charlotte situation, I don’t see any value options that are a must on today’s slate so by default I’m looking towards the balanced way of making lineups. I’ve mentioned in other articles that because we go balanced doesn’t mean we’re sacrificing upside; we just have to find the underpriced guys for this to work. There are a few guys coming off of injuries or bad matchups that are underpriced significantly and we can take advantage of that.

Exactly a week ago we had a 9-game slate which featured a similar build. Little value and a bunch of underpriced mid-tier options. Let’s take a look at how the big $4 tournament ended up.


You can’t get much more balanced than that. Underpriced players across the board that are projected to exceed their salary fairly easily. If we follow suit tonight, we can achieve the same results.

Underpriced Players

Isaiah Thomas $7,000 – He was $8,100 in his last game on DraftKings, he is now coming back 100% and is a full go in tonight’s game against a Charlotte team who is missing Kemba Walker. DraftKings felt it was appropriate to drop his price $1,100 for this festive event. Play IT2!

DeMar Derozan $7,800 – So after dropping 40 fantasy points in 29 minutes, DraftKings thought Derozan needed to be cheaper. This game has a sneaky total of 214 and should help Derozan see four quarters, something he hasn’t done many times recently. We know what he’s capable and the matchup will certainly help him.

Al Horford $6,300 – So Horford has one of the three hardest matchups in a row and drops from $6,900 to $6,300… IT2 and Horford make a perfect mini stack that’s extremely underpriced. Not to mention the matchup seems perfect considering the Hornets don’t have someone who can step out and guard Horford on the perimeter.

Ramon Sessions $3,700 – This is an obvious one but many are hesitant when rostering Sessions. He’s a guy that produces, that’s all you need to know. We expect him to see around 30 minutes and around minimum salary that’s perfect. Still don’t trust it? With Batum on the floor and guys like Kaminsky and Kidd-Gilchrist, he still manages about .9 fp/min. The guy can play and he’ll be forced to in a road game against the Celtics. He’s looking like the best value play early on in the day.

Jahlil Okafor $5,100 – This may be surprising but Okafor is now seeing about 30 minutes per game and is playing alongside Embiid. Coach Brown has noticed he needs to play his best players as much as he can and this is the result. He gets one of the best matchups in the league in a high paced matchup against the Lakers who have struggled to contain any position. With a 211 game total, this one seems like a juicy one and Okafor can give us access to this game.

I’ll confirm most of these plays and more on the ‘Deeper Dive’ later today. Hopefully we have more injury news to open up some value helping us construct better rosters. Feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) or in the premium slack chat where I’ll answer questions leading up to lock. Good luck tonight and hope to see you guys atop the leaderboards. Till next time, party animals!