NBA Thoughts 12/6/16

Yesterday was a solid night in the NBA where a balanced lineup left you looking pretty in tournaments. Today, because of the lack of top-tier options, we can go back to the same strategy. Tonight features a rare slate without Westbrook, Harden, Davis, or Cousins. If we identify the underpriced options in this never-ending mid-tier, we could build solid lineups that provide us the upside we need to win tournaments. Let’s get to it!


I’ll just go through each position and name a couple players who are underpriced for their projected output tonight.

PG – So after having a monster day yesterday, John Wall actually dropped in price on DraftKings becoming even more appealing today. Yes, it’s a back-to-back, but assuming his minutes aren’t limited by any stretch, Wall makes a solid play once again. Another player whose minutes have been trending upwards is Ricky Rubio. He’s now seen minutes in the 4th quarter in two straight games and has gained trust from his coach. He’s sitting at $4,700 on DraftKings and that’s just too cheap against a Spurs team that can give up production to PG’s.

SG – Without Harden in the equation, we’re searching in the mid-tier for guys who can exceed their salary and give us access to top scores on the night. Since returning from his one game absence, Hood has seen over a 30% usage in both games and now draws the one of the best guard matchups in the league. It’s also a paced up spot for Utah who plays at one of the slowest pace in the league. Guys like Lavine and Beal also provide a solid floor with nice upside.

SF – I mentioned Kawhi Leonard yesterday as a solid play in a paced up spot and after having a decent performance he is now cheaper than he was yesterday. We can’t make assumptions as to why he only played 30 minutes but his usage was right where we want it to be. At less than $8k on DraftKings, Kawhi is in a perfect to crush his salary. Guys like Tobias Harris and Dario Saric are also on the list for guys who can outperform their salary.

PF – This is the perfect position to punt tonight and fill your lineups with secure options everywhere else. The Sixers have ruled out Embiid and Okafor for this game and are left with three guys to man the C and PF positions. Guys like Ilyasova, Holmes, and Saric are at the top of the list considering the minutes they’ll have to play and the lack of players available for tonight’s game. There really isn’t anyone worth paying up for at this position so the Sixers situation is perfect for DFS.

C – With so many mid-tier options and the value we like being at the PF position, we need to spend our cap today and the highest priced player is at the Center spot. Whiteside has been unstoppable and the Knicks won’t be the team with an answer. He’s a walking double-double making him really enticing on DraftKings. Drummond and Towns also seem to be in spots where they’re a bit underpriced and could make great tournament options.

The Balanced Approach

We used it yesterday with great success and today is shaping up to be the same way. When using this strategy, you don’t need many punts and I usually use one guy close to minimum salary when employing the balanced approach. Although the Sixers situation is favorable and appealing, they’re on a back-to-back against one of the slowest paced team. Because we’re using the balanced approach and don’t need many punt options, limit yourself to maybe one Sixer if you can. The lowest total game isn’t usually one we should be targeting heavily. Use some of the other underpriced guys I mentioned above and reap the benefits.

I’ll be in the premium slack chat throughout the day answering questions or you can reach me on Twitter (@MLora). I hope we have the same success we had yesterday and hope to receive some nice screenshots tonight. Till next time, party animals!