NBA Thoughts – 12/2/16

Back at it again with my NBA Thoughts on this Friday with a 9-game NBA slate! Scores have not died down regardless of how large or small the slates have been. Even late slates are reaching 320+ and tonight shouldn’t be any different. At this point we have very little news and little value options that we can use in our lineups. Depending how the day goes, we might have to go a little more balanced than usual. Let’s highlight some guys who are considerably underpriced today, that can be used in this balanced approach.



There are a few players in this slate that due to recent results are underpriced and we can take advantage of that today. A few guys haven’t been seeing their full allotment of minutes and have also fallen in price. Let’s take a look at some of these players.

Joel Embiid – Embiid was arguably one of the best point per minute guys in the NBA and now he gets a minute’s boost. Roster Embiid. Although Orlando is top 10 in defensive efficiency, and Biyombo will be his opposition for most of the night, Embiid is producing at elite levels and this minute’s boost should help his production.

Bismack Biyombo – Many people are quick to forget great fantasy players when they run into the Spurs and Grizzlies on back to back games. The fact of the matter is, he’s seeing over 30+ minutes and provides about a fantasy point per minute. With a much better matchup today, Biyombo provides great value at a low price tag across the industry. Biyombo vs. Embiid will be great matchup to watch.

Jonas Valanciunas – Another big man who’s seen a price decrease over the last month and over the last week due to recent blowouts. Lopsided games against the Sixers and Grizzlies have held him to just 22 minutes the last two games. In close games, we can expect Big Val to play 30+ minutes and if the Lakers can keep it close, Mozgov will be no match for him. This is another Center with the capability of exceeding his salary in a big way.


Lineup Construction

With value coming at a premium tonight, going full ‘stars and scrubs’ is kind of difficult. If we can just fit one or maybe two studs we should be in a good spot to reach 350+ tonight. Guys like Harden, Cousins, Davis, and Lebron will lead the top tier as guys I’ll be using in my lineups. While my other spots will be filled with the value options I mentioned up top. Here is how most of my DraftKings lineups are starting out. This can change throughout the day as news comes out.


James Harden$11,900
DeMarcus Cousins$10,700
Jonas Valanciunas$5,500
Bismack Biyombo$4,300


I’ll confirm my lineup construction on the ‘Deeper Dive’ as new comes out. I’ll also make sure to share how other sites are looking like as far as lineup construction goes. Feel free to ask any question on Twitter (@MLora) or in the premium slack chat where I can also answer personal questions as well. Hope I see some fat screenshots tonight. Till next time, party animals!