NBA Thoughts 1/13/17

Friday nights in the NBA are some of the biggest nights of the season. Massive tournaments across every site, and I’m here to guide you in the right direction. I’ll go over roster construction, cheap options, and who to pay up for. Let’s get to it!

Roster Construction

Tonight seems like another night where value will come at a premium. There isn’t much besides Stanley Johnson and a few $4k guys that we feel comfortable with. Due to the lack of value options, using guys like Johnson, Waiters, and Carroll will be the most optimal way to go. On days like these when we lack value, using an extra $4k player is the best way to save salary. There is no need to take a huge risk on a $3k player with a low floor.

Here are some cheapies that I’m looking to roster.

Stanley JohnsonDeMarre Carroll
DeMarre CarrollStanley Johnson
Dion WaitersNerlens Noel
JaMychal GreenJaMychal Green

All of the guys are starters with secured minutes in decent matchups. Noel would be the only one in a time share, but he can out produce his Fanduel salary with his given rotation.

Guys that make it happen

Now that we’ve identified who we can punt with, I’ll mention the guys I’m willing to pay up for. This list will include the entire top-tier and won’t have price restrictions.

Kevin LoveDeMar DeRozan
DeMar DeRozanKevin Love
James HardenJames Harden
Kyle LowryDamian Lillard
Lebron JamesPaul Millsap


The top-tier seems to be easier to predict but can also get you in a lot of trouble if you get it wrong. By combining the value plays with these core plays, we are not only getting a pretty high floor but also enough upside to reach top 1% scores.


Feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) with any questions. I’ll also be in the premium Slack chat answering questions leading up to lock. I hope everyone has a tilt-free Friday and hope to see one of our subscribers take something down. Till next time, party animals!