NBA Thoughts 1/12/17

Another great night for most of the FV team yesterday as some of us bounced back in nice ways. Tonight we have another five-game slate full of questions similar to yesterday. I’ll do the best I can to navigate through this short slate and decipher what value we could use in our roster construction tonight. Let’s get to it!


Roster Construction

Tonight features a night which is lacking value. Guys like Kyle O’Quinn are at the top of our lists when it comes to cheapies, but aren’t the best value options when considering upside. Yes, many will look at last night’s game as upside but he was the beneficiary of Noah’s foul troubles and had an outlier game as a result. Due to the lack of cheap options, a balanced lineup might be the way to go tonight. The mid-tier seems pretty strong today when it consists of guys like Wade, Drummond, and Lopez to name a few.

In order to roster a few of these guys in your lineups, we will need to save salary somehow. Like I’ve mentioned in previous articles, just because there aren’t minimum salary guys available, doesn’t mean there isn’t value. Rostering a few $4k guys can do the trick. Here are some cheapies I’m looking at when trying to pay up.


Marcus MorrisMarcus Morris
Tyreke EvansRobin Lopez
Wesley MatthewsTaj Gibson
Luol DengBojan Bogdanovic


It’s certainly ugly, but these are all starters that should see decent run with the exception of Tyreke, who we’re counting on to produce in the limited minutes.

Guys who make it happen

If the section above highlights the guy we’re willing to punt with, this one will go over the guys we should be paying up for. Due to the lack of value and the balanced lineup we’re aiming for, the guys we’re paying up for are still less than $10k.


Andre DrummondDraymond Green
Draymond GreenDwyane Wade
Carmelo AnthonyAndre Drummond
Dwyane WadeJrue Holiday


As always, feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) or in the premium slack chat. I’ll be answering questions leading up to lock and helping premium subscribers make lineups. Hope everyone has a nice night. Till next time, party animals!