NBA Lineup Construction 11/8/16 (Premium)

Yesterday’s article worked to perfection, where we incorporate some low-cost players and paid up at a few spots. For tournaments, that was an extremely profitable strategy as I was able to cash 105/150 lineups. Today we have another decent sized slate where we have some value brewing and the ability to create massive upside in GPPs. Let’s start digging!

Opportunity Cost

I always mention which route I think is best when constructing high-upside tournament lineups, and today is a lot like yesterday. I want to shoot for 350 scores and I can only do that while fitting two or more studs in my lineups. Similar to yesterday, if value doesn’t open up, I don’t mind taking a chance on low-cost backups who will see a minute’s boost. By analyzing the slate and creating lineups early in the morning, I can see that I need to pay up for guys like Lillard, Cousins, Lebron, and Love. Getting away from these guys decreases my projected outcome significantly. It’s safe to say we should pay down at positions like SG, SF, and in some cases Center.

Lineup Review

I received some comments in the premium chat debating whether a low-floor backup is worth it in tournaments. This question is tricky, as this is slate dependent. If you can get 20+ points from a minimum salary player, you’re going to look great in tournaments. It sounds weird but it’s true. I had almost 100% of two minimum salary guys who didn’t reach 20 points and I was able to post 300+ scores. Here is one of my lineups and how my overall night finished with two minimum salary guys in every lineup.

picture1 2


It’s easy to see how much upside this strategy has as I was able to reach 320 scores with two poor performances. I’ll be using the same lineup construction today as I shoot for the top 1% in tournaments.

Guys that make it happen

Here are the guys I’m looking at when rolling out this strategy. Remember, this can change as news comes out throughout the day.


PG Seth CurrySG Wesley Matthews
C Andrew BogutSG Allen Crabbe
SF Thabo SefoloshaSG Seth Curry
PG Malcolm DelaneySF Evan Turner
SF Evan TurnerSF Thabo Sefolosha


Again, they might not sound like the most attractive names, but they should see minute’s boosts and have a chance to pay off their cheap price tags. This lets me fit in multiple top tier guys that I mentioned above and provides the opportunity to reach the 300+ scores I’m aiming for. Feel free to reach out with any questions on Twitter (@MLora) or in our premium slack chat. I’ll confirm some of these plays on the ‘Deeper Dive’ later today and let you in on who else might be in a good spot. Till next time, party animals!