NBA Lineup Construction 11/7/16 (Premium)

I hope everyone had a great weekend full of NFL and NBA action. It’ll be a relatively short week when you consider that most of us will be on travel schedules due to Fanvice University, but we’ll still try to pump out content during the weekend. With that being said, there’s a nice NBA slate with very little value opening up, meaning we’ll need all the help we can get. Let’s build some lineups together, shall we?

Opportunity Cost

I always start this article with a section highlighting the spots we can pay down or pay up for according to the value I see on the board. Unfortunately, there isn’t a situation that stands out with any must plays. We would love to fit Harden or Westbrook into our lineups, but without any value we would be sacrificing a lot. This might be one of those slates where risk tolerance will be tested. As of now, the Pelicans are the only team that may offer some value (Galloway & Terrence Jones). Instead of giving you two lineups, I’ll explain how I seek upside in tournaments and how you can do so today.

Stars and Scrubs

‘Stars and scrubs’ is a widely used term, that in my mind, signifies upside. The more you use scrubs in your lineup to fit in stars, you’re creating more risk and more upside. You wouldn’t use this approach when playing cash games because it provides an extremely low floor. In the event that you’re playing a top-heavy tournament and you are shooting for the WIN, stars and scrubs would be a perfect strategy. In the event that we have a flat payout structure and money is better distributed, you would want to cash as many lineups as you can. In this scenario ‘stars and scrubs’ would not be the best approach because most lineups would fall out of the money due to the low floor.

Guys that make it happen

As of now, some of my risky lineups will include low-cost backups that can help me fit in Harden and Westbrook. I’ll layout some of those plays here, but keep in mind that these are very risky plays only worth rostering in tournaments. If injury updates come out during the day, my strategy may change, but you will have all that information on the ‘Deeper Dive’. Here are some guys I’m taking a chance with.

PG Langston GallowayPG Langston Galloway
PG Ramon SessionsSF Andre Iguodala
PF Domantas SabonisPF Jon Leuer
SF Corey BrewerPF Domantas Sabonis
SF Andre IguodalaPG Ramon Sessions

These aren’t guys you want to see, but they’re guys that let me fit a top-tier stud in my lineup and let me create upside. Again, by default I’m a very risky player and one that seeks to win GPPs not just cash them. My strategy does change depending on the tournament, so that’s something to look out for. I will confirm other low-cost plays as news comes out on the ‘Deeper Dive’. You can always ask me questions on Twitter (@MLora) or in our premium Slack chat. I hope everyone starts their week off right. Till next time, party animals!