NBA Lineup Construction 11/29/16

Haven’t done a Lineup Construction article in quite a while and we’ve seen some massive scores recently so it’s a perfect time to go over a few things. We use the term stars and scrubs quite often but many still fail to realize how beneficial it really is especially when playing large field tournaments. It’s essentially the highest upside you can produce in a given slate. I’ll go over some key points when employing this strategy and how we can do that tonight in order to take down big money. Let’s dive in!


That’s the number we aim for to win a tournament in the $4 tournaments on DraftKings. More often than not, we fall way short and claim how lucky some of the top guys get, but do they? We’ve analyzed winning lineups quite a few times in this series and most of them have a common theme. Stars and scrubs dominates the top of the leaderboards and yesterday was no exception. Most of the readers play the low stakes tournaments so let’s take a look at yesterday $4 winner.



When looking at the top 1% of tournaments we are seeing perfect lineups, so remember that most of our chances at doing the same thing will fail. If we do end up hitting the nuts using this strategy, the reward will be worth all the failed attempts and that’s how you have to look at it. Notice how this lineup has two top-tier options (Westbrook and Cousins) and three players around the $4k or lower. This is the ultimate definition of ‘Stars and Scrubs’ and is the best way to create massive upside in your lineups. The theory behind this is for your low cost guys to reach 27+ points while your top-tier guys reach their 70-80 point ceilings, granting you 100+ points from two players.

I have been asked the question “How did you grow your bankroll from $100 to where you are now?” many times and I can assure you it was not doubling my money in cash games. Like most, I won a few big tournaments and the snowball effect happened. If you want to increase your bankroll significantly, tournaments can do that for you and massive scores provide top 1% cashes. Take chances in GPPs and go for the win every time you play.

Guys that make it happen

If we want to employ this strategy tonight, who are the guys we should be looking at? Keep in mind, I want low-cost options with the ABILITY to get 27+ points, so looking at minutes is key as well. A player playing just 20 minutes will rarely reach this production unless outlier games happen. With the rules set, these are the guys I’m targeting in tonight’s slate.

DraftKings Fanduel
Jamal Crawford Jamal Crawford
Matthew Dellavedova Bismack Biyombo
Bismack Biyombo Matthew Dellavedova
JR Smith JR Smith
John Henson DJ Augustin


With the news we have right now, these are the guys that are currently making my lineups and letting me fit in Anthony Davis and James Harden. Most of these guys are also fixed into 25+ minutes with the ability to play full amount of minutes. They also fit the price range I was looking for where they can reach tournament value pretty easily. As the day goes on I’ll confirm most of these plays in the premium chat. Feel free to pop in and ask any questions you have for tonight’s slate. Hope to see you guys with monster scores tonight and take down some nice cash. Till next time, party animals!