NBA Lineup Construction 11/15/16

We’re back after a long weekend in Chicago where I got to meet many of our subscribers and other professionals in the industry. A huge thanks to all who came out and supported, I’m glad I was able to be a part of it. On to tonight’s five game slate, where value is hard to come by so I’ll do my best to help everyone out. We had a weird slate yesterday where there was some obvious value and then some traps which most people fell for. I’ll try to steer you in the right direction tonight. Let’s dig in!

The Strategy

I’ve mentioned that in GPPs I love going for the homerun and increasing my upside as much as possible. Some have mentioned that although we’re able to pinpoint the value on a slate, some are having trouble figuring out which players are a must. I usually determine this early in the day by figuring out opportunity costs. Yesterday the value almost certainly had to be rostered in the SG spot, the opportunity cost was too high punting anywhere else. Average games from guys like Seth Curry, Bojan Bogdanovic, and J.J. Redick were more than enough to take down a tournament. Actually, to take it a step further, here is the $150k lineup that took ‘Punting SG’ to a whole new level.















Yup, that’s a 0 at SG and he took down $150k in the $444 Main Event. By identifying opportunity cost and using that to your advantage, you can gain a huge edge on the field.


Tonight seems like an odd night. Usually you can blindly guess that opportunity cost is high at SG, but tonight it’s a bit different. Using aggregate projections of various sites, I’ve determined punting or paying down at the Forward spots is ideal. We only have Lebron James priced in the top tier and the matchup isn’t all that favorable, leading us to pay down and pay up elsewhere. It’s scary to fade Lebron (DraftKings) on a 5-game slate, so limiting your exposure could be a better option.

Guys that make it happen

If you’re punting the Forward spot across the industry, there are a few players that make sense. These guys will depend on injuries but could be in play if we get good news.


Meyer LeonardMaurice Harkless
Brandon IngramJustise Winslow
Norman PowellMeyers Leonard


As news comes out I’ll confirm these plays or mention new ones that I’ll be rostering. There is no Deeper Dive today but I will be in chat answering questions up until lock. You can also message me on Twitter (@MLora) if you have any urgent questions. Hope to see one of you take something down. Till next time, party animals!