NBA Lineup Construction 11/1/16 (Premium)

Yesterday’s ‘Lineup Construction’ article worked out to perfection. Guys like Koufos, Mirotic, and Patterson let you pay up for multiple top-tier guys and reach close to 300 scores. Today we’re taking a different approach due to it being an 8-game slate and no real reason to take crazy chances like we did yesterday. On DraftKings, there are three guys priced over $10k and two in the $9k price range. Today seems like a perfect slate to go back to the balanced approach which always yields you a higher floor, but today can also get you provide an attractive ceiling. Let’s take a look!

Food for Thought

We are, in theory, taking the same approach as yesterday but we can do it while playing all starters who are secured into minutes. There’s no need to dig into backups when you have players in the $5k and $4k range who are starters and will see run in the 4th quarter. I mentioned above there is no real top-tier option what we need to squeeze into our lineups unless you’re playing Anthony Davis. Because of this, we can afford to go mid-tier at all positions while paying down at positions we don’t feel comfortable with.

Opportunity Cost

In this section I’ll lay out three players from two different lineups. One will have punts some of you have been on the fringe about, and the other will have low-cost STARTERS with secure minutes that allow for the same upside. LEGGO!

Punt LineupStarter/Secure Lineup
PG Kris Dunn – $4,100PG Tim Frazier – $5,900
PF Jon Leuer – $3,700SF Maurice Harkless – $4,000
C John Henson – $3,000C Mason Plumlee – $4,600
Projected Lineup Score – 284.40Projected Lineup Score – 294.20

*Note: Salary Cap was used to 99% in both lineups

The issue with punting today is that there isn’t much you want in the top-tier. I already mentioned above the few options at the top range, so it’s slim pickings up there. It’s very easy to fit guys like Paul George, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Carmelo Anthony who are all under $9k with the ability to get you top-tier production. If you do want to pay up for the $10k+ guys, you can do so easily with players like Plumlee and Harkless who will see starters minutes in a paced up game for around $4k on DraftKings. A dud will certainly leave you drawing dead on a big slate and that’s the last thing you want.

Guys that make it happen

There are some starters in this bottom tier that are letting me pay up in certain spots. Here are some of the low-cost starters that make ‘balanced’ lineups happen.


C Mason Plumlee – $4,600PG Tim Frazier – $5,500
SF Robert Covington – $4,800SG Dion Waiters – $4,500
SG Dion Waiters – $4,200PG Ty Lawson – $5,100
SF Maurice Harkless – $4,000SF Robert Covington – $4,700
SG Kentavius Caldwell-Pope – $4,600C Tristan Thompson – $4,300


These are just some guys that make the ‘balanced’ lineup happen while not sweating backup minutes on an 8-game slate. Remember, DraftKings isn’t including the 6pm game, while Fanduel is. As always, I’ll confirm most of these plays on the ‘Deeper Dive’ when we have more news and injury updates. Feel free to reach out on Twitter (@MLora) or in the premium chat. Till next time, party animals!