NBA Lineup Construction 11/10/16 (Premium)

There are no days off in the foreseeable future when it comes to NBA. Tonight’s four-game slate is a dull one to say the least, but according to Fanduel and DraftKings, it deserves a hefty $400k tournament to headline the night. Like I did last short slate, I’ll take you over the process that won the prior four-gamer and see how we can replicate the same success tonight. Let’s dig in!

The Process on 11/6

Last four game slate was on Sunday, where two early games were eliminated and left us with four games starting at 6pm. If we go back to previous articles, I’ve mentioned how the more ‘scrubs’ you fit into your lineup, the more upside you’re creating. This held true even on this small slate. Here was the winning lineup in the big $3 tournament.



We can see that even on a four game slate, $3k players are still valuable when trying to reach 300+ scores. Andrew Bogut and Nick Young saw the minutes in paced up games and were able to give you 25+ point outings and catapult you to the top of tournaments.


MME Chronicles

More and more keep asking how to MME on certain slates so I’ll start including this section as the season rolls along. Just because a slate doesn’t have many options, doesn’t mean you can’t take risks. When multi-entering small slates, guys like Bogut, Young, Jaylen Brown, Tyler Zeller, Seth Curry, and even Justin Anderson were all worth taking shots on. These are usually the first guys the field will eliminate from their player pools but many fail to realize that they’re capping their upside by doing so. Even if most of them fail, the opportunity is so great that it won’t matter as much. Here is a shot of my 150 lineups where most of my low-cost options failed.




Even with poor performances, I was able to cash close to 75% of my entries and more than double my money on a night I thought I was drawing dead. This shows how powerful opportunity cost really is at times.

Guys that make it happen

Alright so we get tonight’s four-game slate and we want to replicate that success. How do we do it? These are some of the low-cost guys I’m currently looking at pending further news.

PF Mirza TeletovicSF Justise Winslow
PG Langston GallowaySG Gary Harris
C Omer AsikPG Langston Galloway
PG Jameer NelsonPF Jameer Nelson
PF Luke BabbittSG Josh Richardson

As news keeps coming out, I’ll confirm the plays in the premium slack chat. Don’t be afraid to take some chances tonight as it gives us the opportunity to be different while also creating upside. Feel free to shoot me some questions on Twitter (@MLora) or private message me in Slack. It’s still a four-game slate so don’t go crazy seeking action tonight. Till next time, party animals!