NBA Lineup Construction – 10/27/16 (Premium)

Yesterday was one of the highest scoring days I’ve seen in a long time. A monster game from Anthony Davis catapulted scores into the 400’s on every site, which was fun to see. Multi-Position Eligibility is an aspect that we should really research and understand so we can improve our lineups on a nightly basis. I’ll cover some opportunity cost situations for tonight’s slate and lead you in the right direction when constructing optimal lineups for all game types. Let’s get to the discussion!

Opportunity Cost

Similar to the first slate of the season, most players will naturally gravitate to Chris Paul or Damian Lillard when starting off their lineups and those players are generally solid plays on any slate. What we have to remember is that we are building a lineup of 8 or 9 players, depending on the site we play, so opportunity cost has to be considered. Here are the top three players in two different lineups with the projected score of both lineups according to my projections.

Here is the example in effect: (DK Pricing)

Lineup #1Lineup #2
PG Dennis Schroder – $6,500PG Chris Paul – $8,800
SG Dwyane Wade – $6,300SG Avery Bradley – $4,900
SF Jimmy Butler – $7,400SF Matt Barnes / Kelly Oubre – $3,400
Projected Lineup Score – 273.40Projected Lineup Score – 266.90


We’re not allowed to give out exact lineups, but I will say both full lineups included guys like Howard, Cousins, Jordan, and Gortat. I tried making the best possible lineup with Paul and Lillard only to sacrifice so much at other positions that I ended up with lower projected lineup scores. With MPE in full effect, lineup construction is a tactic we should master if we want to become a profitable NBA player.

Players that make it happen

With that being said, some players are crucial for tonight’s slate when trying to maximize point output. Here are some guys that I’m implementing in my lineups for tonight’s tournaments.


Terry Rozier – $3,300Terry Rozier – $3,500
Dennis Schroder – $6,500Dennis Schroder – $6,500
Isaiah Thomas – $7,200Ty Lawson – $5,100



Jimmy Butler – $7,400C.J. McCollum – $6,900
Dwyane Wade – $6,300Dwyane Wade – $7,000
C.J. McCollum – $6,800Avery Bradley – $5,600



Matt Barnes – $3,400Kawhi Leonard – $8,200
Jimmy Butler – $7,400Kent Bazemore – $5,100
Rudy Gay – $5,900Kyle Anderson – $3,500


Hopefully this gets everyone on the right track when building lineups tonight. Remember, this is all subject to change depending on new and updates. Make sure to tune in to all of our shows today to get the latest information up to lock. Feel free to tweet me (@MLora) your feedback and what else you’d like to see on these daily lineup construction articles. Till next time, party animals