NBA DEEP DIVE 11/19/16


Point guard has a lot of talent today, but several of the top options have concerns that we need to consider as well.  The mid-tier may be the best place to look for point guards today.

Chris Paul is the most expensive point guard on FanDuel, but gets a big price break on DraftKings where he is only $8,400.  He gets a boost if Rajon Rondo plays tonight because Rondo does not play defense and Jerian Grant is a strong defender.  Paul showed last night that he has a high floor even when his shot is falling as he was one rebound shy of a triple double.  The concerns with Paul are that the Clippers tend to blow teams out which limits his ceiling and he is dealing with some sort of shoulder issue that seems to be affecting his shooting based on the Memphis and Sacramento games- and being on a back-to-back probably will not help.  He is a strong cash option, especially on DraftKings, but a lot needs to go right for him to have a ceiling worth paying up for in tournaments.

Steph Curry is in the same price range as Paul and makes for a strong tournament option rather than a cash game option.  He is also on a back-to-back and will have to deal with the pesky defense of Matthew Dellavedova, which lowers his floor, though there is a good chance that this is a close game which would lead to a full allotment of minutes for Curry.  It is tough to justify his price in this spot since he does not contribute as many peripherals as he did last season but he always has a high ceiling because he can knock down so many threes in a hurry.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is in the best spot of the high-priced point guard options (shooting guard on FanDuel).  Antetokounmpo tends to perform better in fast-paced games and the best place to attack Golden State is at the rim, where they rank 11th-worst collectively in rim protection.  He averages 9.4 drives per game and is relatively matchup proof so Zaza Pachulia is not particularly scary.  In addition, the line has moved in Milwaukee’s favor significantly so Vegas agrees that this should be a close game.  For this game to stay close, Antetokounmpo will have to play a large role.

John Wall has posted solid fantasy performances despite limited minutes in each of his last two games and has been one of my favorite tournament plays this season. He is a fade today, however.  The Wizards starters are finally fully healthy and Wall has a difficult matchup against a Miami team that does not play fast and is far and away the best at protecting the rim in the NBA.  Wall averages 10.6 drives per game, so Hassan Whiteside can put a damper on his fantasy performance.  In four games against Whiteside, where Whiteside played at least 20 minutes, Wall has averaged only 33.8 DraftKings points per game which makes sense given the kind of player that Wall is.

Kemba Walker gets the New Orleans Pelicans on the second half of a back-to-back.  It is a nice matchup for Walker as it provides a slight pace-up and, despite having Anthony Davis, New Orleans is only in the middle of the pack at protecting the rim.  Walker can score from anywhere on the floor and has a 30 percent usage rate so far this season.  His price is creeping up, but he still has a nice floor as he showed last night when he struggled a little from the field but still contributed over 40 fantasy points.  Do not let his home road splits scare you; he is a strong play in this matchup.

Isaiah Thomas is in the perfect spot for a bounce-back game today after playing only 27 minutes against Golden State last night.  He is on a back-to-back and third game in four days, but that is not overly concerning since he got part of the night off on Friday.  After the game, Thomas voiced his displeasure with his teammates and coaching staff for giving up on the game (and only playing him 27 minutes).  The best way to attack Detroit is by going after Ish Smith, so Thomas will have the opportunity today to back up last night’s comments assuming Brad Stevens does not hold a grudge.  Thomas has a 33.6 percent usage rate without Jae Crowder on the floor this season so, even if Al Horford returns and eats in to that a little bit, Thomas should be able to outperform his price tag- especially on DraftKings where he is only $7,700.

Goran Dragic is an elite option today against John Wall and the Wizards.  33.8 percent of Dragic’s plays are as the ball handler in a pick-and-roll.  John Wall has allowed 1.17 points per possession against opposing pick-and-roll ball handlers this season, which ranks in the bottom 6 percent in the NBA.  Dragic played 35 minutes in his first game back from injury, so he should be in line for a full allotment of minutes tonight and should see an increase to his 24.9 percent usage rate since Winslow has already been ruled out and Dion Waiters in questionable.

Eric Bledsoe has been an incredibly frustrating fantasy option for anyone who has rostered him this season, but has an opportunity to break out today depending on injury news in the Phoenix game.  T.J. Warren left last night’s game with an illness after 9 minutes and Devin Booker tweaked his ankle which limited him as well.  Bledsoe was dealing with foul trouble and played only 13 minutes, so we did not get to see what he can do with lower usage guys around him.  Joel Embiid is questionable for Philadelphia and, if he sits, Philly’s rim protection takes a big hit.  If one, or both, of Booker and Warren are out, Bledsoe should get a nice boost at one of his lowest price points of the season.

Jrue Holiday is a strong tournament option on DraftKings, where he is only $6,000.  He should not be limited on the second half of a back-to-back since he is not returning from injury and they are only limiting his minutes because he has been away from the team.  He played 23 minutes last night and recorded a 37.5 percent usage rate.  Alvin Gentry said before last night’s game that Holiday would not exceed 30 minutes, so it is conceivable that he sees a few more minutes than he saw last night.  He was only 2 percent owned in DraftKings tournaments last night and he should remain an under the radar play as long as he is “limited” and coming off the bench even though he has massive upside at that price because of his usage rate.

Elfrid Payton is a fairly safe option at a low price point tonight against the depleted backcourt of the Mavericks.  The issue is that the Vegas total is 179, so it is really difficult to see Payton posting a game good enough to help win a tournament since the game should be a very ugly, slow low-scoring affair.  25-30 fantasy points seems likely, however, so there are worst cash game options at his price.

Ish Smith is in a good bounce-back spot tonight against the Celtics.  He only played 23 minutes last night because the Cavaliers blew out the Pistons.  Isaiah Thomas is the weakest backcourt defender on the Celtics so Smith should be relied on to score some points for Detroit.  He does not have the highest upside, but with a 21 percent usage rate and 30 minutes per game average he has a nice floor at $5,400.

Matthew Dellavedova should see heavy minutes tonight as he will be relied on for his defense as well as his three-point shooting.  He is not a sexy name, and it sucks having to roster him at point guard instead of shooting guard on FanDuel, but on sites where he is shooting-guard eligible he is a viable punt option in a high-scoring fast-paced game.

Core:  Goran Dragic, Giannis Antetokounmpo (DraftKings), Kemba Walker

Secondary: Isaiah Thomas, Eric Bledsoe (gets a boost depending on Suns lineup), Jrue Holiday, Steph Curry, Chris Paul

Value: Ish Smith, Matthew Dellavedova


Avery Bradley continues to produce 35+ fantasy points on a nightly basis due to his improved rebounding.  As long as Jae Crowder is sidelined, expect the rebounding increase to be sustained.  Bradley has the 6th lowest rebound distance in the NBA among guards who play at least 20 minutes per game, which indicates he is making an effort to rebound and not just “running good” because balls are bouncing his way.  His matchup today with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is not ideal on a back-to-back, but Bradley has been so steady that he is a perfectly viable option at his price if you can afford him.

Nicolas Batum has been very steady lately, producing at least 40 DraftKings points in each of his last four games as a result of his contributions in every category.  He should be able to continue this trend today as he gets to face the Pelicans in a pace-up game and his price has not increased.  His 20.4 percent usage rate make it unlikely he really explodes for a huge performance, but the pace of the game and his ability to contribute across the board makes it likely he continues to outperform his salary.

Klay Thompson remains too cheap for his role in the high-powered Golden State offense.  Sure, he may not be their number one option, but he still has a usage rate of 25.2 percent and he gets minutes even when the Warriors blow out their opponent.  The other three core players on Golden State range between $8,000 and $10,000, so getting Thompson for $6,000 or less is a steal, even though he is scoring dependent, simply because of the high implied totals that the Warriors have every night and the percentage of the Golden State offense that goes through Thompson.

There is a very good chance that Dwyane Wade goes overlooked tonight since he is playing in the late game and the Clippers are an elite defensive team.  His spot is better than it appears, however.  Luc Mbah-a-Moute will likely defend Jimmy Butler and Wade will be defended by J.J. Redick.  Redick is a quality defender, but part of the reason opposing players do so poorly against him is the amount of energy they have to expend by chasing Redick around the court as he just sprints around screens from one side to the other.  The Bulls will most likely have Butler defend Redick, however, and let Wade rest on Mbah-a-Moute.  This will allow Wade to be more successful than most people in his matchup with Redick.  In addition, Wade gets time as the point guard with the second unit, which adds to his value.  His price is decreasing and now is the perfect time to load up on him in tournaments.

Brandon Knight will be a huge beneficiary if Booker or Warren miss tonight’s game.  He dominates usage when he is on the floor and should see extended minutes if either of them are missing from the rotation.  He is too cheap for his upside even if they both play, so he becomes a lock if one of them is out, especially at $4,300 on DraftKings.

Josh Richardson relinquished his point guard duties last game with the return of Goran Dragic, but he still started and saw 32 minutes due to the absence of Justise Winslow and attempted 19 shots.  He will most likely go very overlooked tonight, but he is in a good matchup where he should see a lot of minutes and usage- even more so if Waiters misses the game.  $4,300 on FanDuel is way too cheap and he is an elite tournament pivot off of Seth Curry there.  Seth Curry is still a cash game lock on FanDuel at $4,100, despite his poor performance last night.  He will continue to play at least 33-35 minutes per night and attempt double-digit shots as long as Nowitzki, Williams and Barea are all out.  Tonight’s game should be another ugly, low-scoring game like last night was so it is tough to roster him at $5,700 on DraftKings and he is not a must play in tournaments where there are other cheap SG options than will beat him a reasonable percentage of the time.

If Joel Embiid sits out today, Gerald Henderson is a viable punt option.  Henderson’s usage rate when he plays alongside Embiid is 16 percent, but it jumps all the way to 20.2 percent when Embiid is sitting.  He is averaging 24.5 minutes per game this season and should benefit from a fast-paced game against Phoenix.  People do not seem to have figured out how much Embiid affects him yet, since they play different positions, so he makes for a very nice play at low ownership if Embiid is out.

Jonathan Gibson is someone likely to go overlooked until he has a big game, so we should try to be on the front edge of that in tournaments.  He is a 29 year-old rookie point guard for Dallas who had an impressive summer league with the team.  He played 20 minutes last night against Memphis, and could see more run in the future as the Mavs try and deal with their depleted backcourt.  He saw some time alongside Curry last night, in addition to being his direct backup, and was one of only two players on Dallas who had a positive +/- when he was on the floor (the other being Nicolas Brussino).  It is hard to roster him on FanDuel since there is only a $600 price difference between him and Curry, but there is a $2400 difference on DraftKings (where he, unfortunately, is a point guard) and there is a lot of merit to rostering him over Curry in tournaments since the price is much more appealing, his ownership will be a fraction of Curry’s, and he is somewhat negatively correlated with Seth since he would be the primary beneficiary if Curry were to get in foul trouble.

Core: Dwayne Wade, Klay Thompson, Nicolas Batum, Seth Curry (FanDuel)

Secondary: Avery Bradley, Josh Richardson, Brandon Knight (huge boost possible depending on Suns injury news)

Value: Gerald Henderson, Jonathan Gibson


Kevin Durant is the most expensive option at a pretty ugly small forward position today.  He has been very consistent for the Warriors (except, of course, for when I need a good game from him to win a tournament) due to his 28.6 percent usage rate and minutes with the second unit where he can handle the ball and pick up more peripheral stats.  His price on the second game of a back-to-back and third game in four nights is a bit prohibitive, but there is merit to paying up for him just to lock in raw points at a weak position.

Jimmy Butler is in a really tough spot tonight against the Clippers.  He has been a very steady producer, especially in the absence of Rajon Rondo, but this spot is a bit of a trap and I will not be rostering him.  He will likely be defended by Luc Mbah-a-Moute who is one of the best, if not the best, on-ball defenders in the NBA.  The Clippers have been using him to defended the opposition’s best player and he (not Chris Paul) is who limited Damian Lillard to his horrendous game against Los Angeles the other night.  On top of being defended by LMAM, Butler will likely be tasked with defending J.J. Redick, which means a lot of running all over the court and expending a ton of energy.  Basically, all of the reasons to like Dwyane Wade are the reasons not to like Butler tonight.  Factor in that his ownership will be significantly higher than it should be given these circumstances, and he is an easy fade.  Another high-usage option in a tough spot is

Andrew Wiggins against Memphis.  Wiggins has been phenomenal lately due to his 30 percent usage rate and role in the offense.  Memphis presents a difficult matchup, however, as they still play at a slow pace and have strong defenders- including Tony Allen.  Wiggins’ price is rising as a result of his recent games and it is difficult to see him outperforming it in this matchup since he is still very scoring dependent.  I have been very impressed with Wiggins this season and think he is the real deal as long as Minnesota continues to use him this way, but tonight is a good night to take a night off from him and let others chase the game logs.

Otto Porter continues to play way above his head.  His price is very fair for his production, so I get wanting to roster him, but it is just really difficult to envision him continuing this pace and not falling off a cliff.  He is a good mid-range offensive player, but his usage rate for the season is still only 17.5 percent, despite Wall and Beal missing various games.  Now, all of the starters are fully healthy so Porter will not benefit from that anymore.  In addition, he has also been getting a little bit of extra playing time because Markieff Morris has managed to consistently get in foul trouble in the first quarter, which leads to Porter playing almost the entire first half because he stays in with the second unit.  That is not the actual game-plan, I don’t think, so his minutes should take a little bit of a hit if Morris ever gets his shit together.  Fading Porter has not worked out well lately, but I am not ready to give up on it yet.

Harrison Barnes should be another popular option tonight because his usage rate is over 37 percent due to the Dallas injuries.  The issue is that his price had already increased because he has played so many games without Nowitzki and Williams, so there is not a ton of excess value like there is with Curry.  This is not to say that we should not load up on him in most matchups, but in a game with a 179 total there is reason to be more wary of him at his salary than of Curry at $4,100- especially in tournaments- since it is unlikely anyone in that game goes for a ton of fantasy points.  In addition, Barnes will likely see time at the four against Serge Ibaka which is not a matchup in which he will thrive. On the flip-side, Barnes should see heavy minutes and extremely high usage, so there is merit to rostering him, especially in cash games, but another relatively ugly game seems pretty likely given the pace of the game and the total- not to mention that he is now their only real offensive threat so he will draw more attention.

So now that we have established all of the issues with the mid-tier, hopefully there are some worthwhile plays in the lower-tier.  Fortunately, there are.  Marcus Morris is averaging 32 minutes per game for Detroit and his price has dropped all the way to $5,000.  He is not a high usage player, but 20.4 percent for the season is perfectly respectable for his price.  Marcus Smart is questionable to play and Morris will be defended by Jaylen Brown if Smart sits.  Brown is a capable defender, but he is still a raw rookie and the veteran Morris should have a nice day against him.  Morris at $5,000 seems to be a much stronger play than most of the mid-range guys at their prices.

Robert Covington gets a nice boost if Embiid sits today, as well, as his usage rate goes from 17.5 percent with Embiid to 19.2 percent without him.  Covington is not a super exciting fantasy option, but he should benefit from the pace of the game and his price has dropped all the way to $4,200 on FanDuel.

P.J. Tucker is a very strong option tonight at $3,300 on DraftKings and $3,900 on FanDuel because Tyson Chandler has been ruled out again which leads to more time at the four for Tucker.  In addition, T.J. Warren is questionable.  If Warren sits, Tucker should see all the time he can handle, which is incredibly valuable at his price- especially against a sloppy team like the Sixers.

Tony Snell is a reasonable GPP flier if you are going stars and scrubs because he is playing over 30 minutes per game for Milwaukee and will be counted on to stretch the floor in this fast-paced game.  He is not a high usage player but he has some upside at his price point if he gets a few threes to fall.

James Johnson is in play again as he will likely be relied on to defend Markieff Morris once it becomes clear that Derrick Williams cannot do it.  The issue with Johnson is that he has been playing a little bit over his head offensively and his price has increased to keep up with that.  He is still a viable value play, but there is less excess value than there was in the last two games and he will likely come at increased ownership because of his recent success.

Justin Anderson is a very strong option tonight that will probably go overlooked since he was only about 3 percent owned last night.  He played 32 minutes last night and attempted nine shots.  In 79 minutes without Nowitzki, Barea and Williams this season, Anderson’s usage rate is 23.4 percent.  It is a small sample size so that could decrease somewhat, but even his overall season usage of 19.4 percent is plenty high enough for his price as long as he continues to see 30+ minutes per game.

Core: Kevin Durant, Marcus Morris

Secondary: Harrison Barnes, Otto Porter

Value:  James Johnson, Robert Covington, P.J. Tucker, Justin Anderson, Tony Snell


Anthony Davis had a monster game last night against Portland at low ownership since he was coming back from injury.  It is doubtful that his ownership stays low tonight, which makes him a riskier play since he is on the second half of a back-to-back, has been having back stiffness, and will be more popular.  He has a very high ceiling, obviously, because he is Anthony Davis and his usage this season is through the roof, but it is worth being wary of his ownership tonight.

Terrence Jones is the better point-per-dollar play from this game if Alexis Ajinca misses the game again.  Jones has been very impressive and saw 31 minutes last night despite coming off the bench.  After the game, Davis talked about how much he trusts Jones alongside him, which likely bodes well for Jones’ playing time in the future.

Draymond Green is an elite option against the Bucks frontcourt in a game that I think will be competitive.  His usage rate, 16 percent, is much lower than Klay, Steph and KD, but he makes up for it by contributing across the board in 33.3 minutes per game.  His price remains around $8,000 and he has a very high floor at that price, along with a high ceiling if he has a game where he scores more real-life points than usual- which is not a likely occurrence but will happen sometimes this season.

Blake Griffin has a difficult matchup with the Bulls tonight, but he is basically matchup proof.  He has been lights out this season and is averaging 32.4 minutes per game with a 27.8 percent usage rate.  He is too cheap across the industry, as the only concern is the Clippers’ propensity to blow teams out.  He has a very high floor for cash games and a high ceiling if the Bulls keep the game close.

Markieff Morris has a tough matchup tonight assuming the Heat use James Johnson to defend him instead of Derrick Williams.  Johnson is a very strong defender against mid-range shooters, whereas Williams is not.  Johnson has seen extended minutes lately and Spoelstra is a pretty good coach so it is likely that Johnson is used to defend him.  Add in the issues with fouls and a healthy starting unit for Washington and Morris is not worth the headache in this matchup, despite his price still being too low for his upside.

Serge Ibaka remains too cheap across the industry as he is relied on to score point for Orlando.  His minutes have trended up a little bit lately, averaging 31.5 over his last four games compared to 29.1 for the season and he has not taken less than 12 field goal attempts in those four games, with a high of 19.  The pace of this game is not ideal, but he still has some upside at his price.

Tobias Harris is in line for a bounceback game against a Celtics team that plays at a decently fast pace and is not good at rebounding.  Detroit’s usage is spread around on offense between all of their starters, so it is a plus when Harris is in a positive rebounding matchup.  His price has fallen a little bit but his minutes have actually been up, with the exception of yesterday’s blowout, so this is a great spot to jump on board.  Jabari Parker should benefit from a very fast-paced game against Golden State where he can show off his athleticism.  Parker averages just over 7 drives per game and should be able to success against Golden State at the rim.  He is averaging over 32 minutes per game this season and has been just inconsistent enough to keep his price low even though he has a massive ceiling on a nightly basis.  If Milwaukee keeps this game close, which Vegas thinks they will, Parker will likely be a big reason why.

Dario Saric is a huge beneficiary if Embiid does not play, as his usage rate and rebounding rate both climb significantly.  His price has crept up to $4,700 on DraftKings, but he remains at $4,300 on FanDuel where he makes for an appealing tournament option if Embiid is not in.

The same can be said for Ersan Ilyasova, who also would benefit from no Embiid and is slightly cheaper than Saric, but between the two Saric is the better option because of his bump in rebound percentage.

Jared Dudley is a strong punt play today with Tyson Chandler out, and even more so if Warren is out because that would force Tucker into more minutes at the three.  Dudley is used to space the floor for all of the drivers on Phoenix and he benefits from extra time on the floor when Chandler is out because Len has to spend more time at center.  He played very well amongst all of the injuries last night and is in line for another nice game tonight.

Frank Kaminsky is a great GPP option tonight off the bench for Charlotte.  Charlotte has shown that they will give Kaminsky extended minutes if his shot is falling and tonight he will likely spend a lot of time being defended by Terrence Jones.  Jones struggles to defend shots that are more than 15 feet from the basket and about 34 percent of Kaminsky’s plays are spot-up jumpers.  Against spot-up jumpers this season, Jones is allowing 1.09 points per possession.  There is a good chance that Kaminsky gets off to a nice start and is allowed a few more minutes because of it.

Core: Draymond Green, Blake Griffin, Jabari Parker

Secondary: Anthony Davis, Terrence Jones, Tobias Harris, Frank Kaminsky, Serge Ibaka

Value: Jared Dudley, Dario Saric, Ersan Ilyasova,


Hassan Whiteside is in a very good matchup against the Wizards.  Bigs have succeeded against Washington all season and Whiteside has looked very good lately, pulling down at least 17 rebounds in four of his last five games (and 14 in the other one).  In addition, Marcin Gortat has allowed 1.08 points per possession against the pick and roll this season.  Whiteside only is the roll man on pick and rolls about 12 percent of the time, but that number should increase a little tonight since it is such an easy matchup for him and Dragic to exploit.  Look for a monster night out of Whiteside.

Andre Drummond may go overlooked tonight but he shouldn’t.  He is in a matchup with a Boston team that struggles to rebound and will have trouble matching up with him inside.  He has not had a monster game in a while, but that does not mean he won’t soon.  His price is starting to decline a little bit, which makes it an appealing time to roster him.  Whiteside will out score him most nights, but the difference in price combined with the difference in ownership makes Drummond a viable tournament pivot.

If Joel Embiid plays, he is a very strong option against the Phoenix frontcourt that is missing Tyson Chandler.  It does not sound likely that he does play, but his 40 percent usage rate will go a long way against Len, who is not quite there yet as an interior defender.

Nikola Vucevic does not have an ideal matchup against Andrew Bogut and is in, what should be, a very ugly game but his price is too low not to have tournament exposure to him if you are making multiple lineups.  $5,800 on DraftKings is absurd when you consider his upside.  He is not consistent because of his minutes and the presence of Bismack Biyombo but, with his price this low, we can use his volatility to our advantage because it makes him lower owned so it is better for us when we get him on a night that he performs well.

Alex Len (power-forward on FanDuel) will likely start again tonight against the Sixers.  His matchup is better if he is against Okafor than Embiid, but it is risky either way since they are both high-usage centers and Len is extremely foul prone.  Len is a very strong play but it is worth considering a fade on DraftKings because there are a ton of lower-owned center options tonight.  It is not quite as easy to fade him on FanDuel unless you are paying up at power-forward (which is not a bad idea).

Andrew Bogut should go under the radar tonight.  He only played 20 minutes last night but it is likely he sees more minutes tonight because it will be tough for Dallas to go small against the frontcourt of Ibaka, Vucevic and Biyombo.  Everyone is on Curry and Barnes because of the usage increases that they see without the injured trio, but Bogut should be able to go to town against Vucevic and is a good way to attack this game from a tournament perspective since his price is so cheap and there is a good chance he will see great than the 24 minute average he has seen so far this season.

Robin Lopez has rather quietly been very good lately.  He has averaged 36 minutes per game in his last 4 games (compared to a season average of 27) and has attempted at least 15 shots in each of those games.  His usage rate over that time is 21.7 percent, compared to 17 percent for the season. His price has increased slightly, but still nowhere close to where they should be if he is going to continue playing this well.  In addition, he has faced DeAndre Jordan eight times in the last 4 years, going back to his days with the Blazers.  In those games, Lopez has averaged 28.1 DraftKings points in 30.1 minutes of play.  If he can handle the matchup with Jordan, as he has proven that he can, he could be looked to to carry a larger than usual share of the offensive workload tonight as the Chicago wings deal with the Clippers’ very strong wing defenders.  Lopez is one of my favorite center options on the board tonight.

If you are not worried about drawing dead in your tournaments, Greg Monroe could win a tournament for someone tonight on DraftKings.  His price is all the way down to $4,100 on DraftKings after Jason Kidd chose not to play him at all last game.  He was an integral part of their close games with the Warriors last season, however, and a Milwaukee beat reporter said immediately following the last game that he had no doubts that Monroe would play today against Golden State.  Monroe posted lines of 28 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists and 10 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists in the two games against them last year, and Zaza Pachulia should give him even less trouble than Bogut did.  If Kidd cares about winning this game, Monroe should see minutes tonight and can put up a massive fantasy night if he does.

Alan Williams snuck into the Phoenix rotation last night with Tyson Chandler out and recorded 15 points and 15 rebounds.  Chandler is out again tonight, along with possible some other Phoenix players, and Williams is an interesting tournament option, especially where you can roster more than one center.  There is no reason to think he won’t get the backup center minutes tonight after his impressive performance last night, and if Len gets in foul trouble he could see even more playing time.  There is extreme opportunity cost at center, so it is tough to recommend rostering him on sites with one center unless you get literally every other player you want.

Core: Hassan Whiteside, Robin Lopez

Secondary: Andre Drummond, Nikola Vucevic, Andrew Bogut, Greg Monroe (very risky), Alex Len

Value: John Henson, Alan Williams