NBA Deep Dive – 12/08/16

We have a nice six game slate tonight with some interesting price differences between sites.  I am breaking it down game by game instead of position by position because I think my writing flows better and it is easier to make sure I do not miss anything that I want to cover.  If position by position is more useful or easier to read, let me know and I will go back to doing it that way.  There is a position by position summary at the end as well.

DENVER at WASHINGTON (-5.5) 218 Total

Denver Nuggets

There is a chance that Denver is very unpredictable tonight.  Coach Mike Malone has not been happy with their effort and said as much after the game last night.  It sounds like he is going to be making changes to the rotation and who plays together, so rostering most of the Nuggets will be a bit risky in cash games tonight, especially since Malone already did not have the most consistent rotations on a game-to-game basis.  Denver players are also risky plays tonight because, not only are they on a back-to-back, they are on their fifth game in seven days with the last four coming on the road.  It is a very good matchup for Denver, however, so do not be scared off completely- just temper your expectations a little bit.

Emmanuel Mudiay has seen his playing time drop off significantly in recent games, averaging just 20.3 minutes per game over his last three.  His price across the industry has plummeted as a result, but he still is not in play if his current playing time holds.  It seems unlikely that increasing his playing time is one of the changes that Malone is planning, given that he had the worst +/- on the team last night at -26.  His backcourt counterparts Jameer Nelson and Jamal Murray were +23 and +21 respectively.  It can be tempting to take risks on volatile players like Mudiay in tournaments to try to differentiate on shorter slates, but he is best left alone tonight as there are too many factors working against him to be worth the risk.

Jameer Nelson, on the other hand, has seen plenty of playing time lately and has quietly been performing very well.  He has played at least 26 minutes in six of his last seven and he attempted 19 shots last night.  The number of shots last night were a bit of an anomaly, as he had not attempted more than eight in his three games prior, but his price is still low enough across the industry that he makes for a very nice play in a game with the highest total of the night, facing a Wizards defense that ranks in the bottom 10 in defensive rating.

Jamal Murray has played 18, 24 and 34 minutes over his last three games and was +12 and +21 in the last two.  His playing time is trending up, while Mudiay’s decreases, and he is not afraid to shoot the ball when he is on the floor, attempting 12 and 14 field goal attempts in the two most recent games.  He should not be trusted in cash games because the backcourt rotation is still too fluid, but he makes for a very nice tournament option because he has a chance to pay off his salary very nicely if he continues to get extended minutes like he has in the last two games.

Will Barton has been performing well lately since returning from injury, averaging 35.5 minutes per game since returning.  His minutes were not affected on his last back-to-back, playing 33 minutes in the first game and 34 minutes in the second game, so it appears that he is fully recovered.  Barton is a key part of the Denver offense and it seems unlikely that he would be affected by any changes that Malone has in store, seeing as he played every single minute of the second half last night while Gallinari, Mudiay, and Nurkic were all benched halfway through the third quarter.  Unsurprisingly, Barton has consistently outperformed his salary in games with a Vegas total of 210 points and he has a great opportunity to do so again tonight.  His price on DraftKings at $6,600 is on the high end of his price range, but he is still very much in play in this matchup.  At $5,700 on FanDuel, it is difficult to imagine he is not a cash game staple barring late news that opens the door for shooting guard punts.

Danilo Gallinari was briefly very underpriced, but that has been corrected- especially considering he was benched in the third quarter last night so there is a chance he is affected by whatever Mike Malone does to his rotations.  He is still in play as a tournament option because, if he sees his usual minutes, he has a nice matchup with Otto Porter, who is allowing opponents to shoot 7.8 percent above average when they are at least 15 feet from the hoop.  On top of the risk of losing minutes, however, it is important to remember that Gallinari’s usage has been down this season, falling from 23.2 percent last season to 18.6 percent so far this season.  Buyer beware on Gallo tonight.

Wilson Chandler has been significantly outperforming Gallinari, despite coming off the bench.  His role off the bench tends to keep his ownership lower than it otherwise would be, since DFS players are biased against players who do not start.  We should not worry about Chandler, however.  He played 18:47 in the second half last night, including closing out the fourth quarter in a close game.  He finished +8 for the game and it seems unlikely he loses playing time as a result whatever changes Malone makes.  Chandler’s minutes have been somewhat volatile, but the low end is still in the upper-20s so he is someone we can trust tonight.  The Wizards second unit is also incredibly bad, so Chandler’s matchup is even better if he continues coming off the bench.

Nikola Jokic is always a risky play, but there is a lot to like about him tonight.  First, he faces a Washington team that is in the bottom 10 in rebounding percentage and defensive rating.  Jokic is part of the reason that Denver leads the league in rebounding percentage and he should feast tonight whether he starts or comes off the bench (he has been coming off the bench, but that may be short lived based on Denver beat writers).  He only played 21 minutes last night, but that should not deter us from rostering him because it was a result of picking up two first quarter fouls and then picking up a third foul immediately after being reinserted into the game in the second quarter.  He closed out the game for Denver and finished with a +18 rating.  Jokic was averaging 26.8 minutes per game in the four games preceding his injury, and it is likely he plays in that range tonight against Washington.  He is one of the best tournament options on the slate as a $5,100 power forward on FanDuel and a $5,000 center on DraftKings.

Jusuf Nurkic remains a frustrating player for DFS purposes.  He has upside when he is on the court, but figuring out when that will be can be difficult.  Reports out of Denver make it sound like Malone is favoring Jokic over him at the moment, which seems plausible since Nurkic played a total of 2:04 in the second half last night (and was not in foul trouble).  He finished the game with the third worst +/- on the team (-22), trailing only Emmanuel Mudiay and Danilo Gallinari.  There are too many signs pointing to Nurkic seeing the bottom end of his minute range tonight for him to be worth a roster spot.

Washington Wizards

The Wizards continue to underperform as a team this season, but their core players have been very good from a fantasy perspective.  They offer nothing off the bench, but the starting five are all viable DFS options any given night (although it pains me to say that about Otto Porter).

John Wall has another great matchup tonight, facing a Denver team that ranks 5th in pace, 6th worst in defensive rating, and 5th worst in rim protection- which is especially good news for Wall, who averages 11.4 drives per game.  Jameer Nelson has been good, allowing opponents to shoot only 35 percent at the rim, but Jokic and Nurkic allow 57.6 and 58.7 percent respectively so they have managed to cancel out Nelson’s efforts.  In addition to the great matchup, Wall has been playing heavy minutes lately as Scott Brooks knows the only chance the Wizards have at winning is to play his starters as much as possible.  John Wall at home, in a fast paced game, against a bad defensive unit is one of the top plays on the slate regardless of position (even after his price increase in DraftKings).

Bradley Beal has also benefitted from being tasked with playing a ton of minutes.  His price is up across the industry, and he is a scoring dependent player, which is always concerning.  He should perform well in this matchup, however, as a result of pace and lackluster defense.  Although the Nuggets have actually been pretty good as a team at defending the three point line, ranking 11th in opponent field goal differential, Beal averages 6.7 drives per game in addition to his perimeter shooting so he should be able to succeed by attacking the Nuggets in multiple ways.  In addition, 15.7 percent of his plays come in transition and that number should increase tonight in a fast paced game against a team with the 6th worst turnover ratio in the league.

Otto Porter has been very frustrating for me personally this season, as he has put up more big games than he should.  His price has increased as a result, sitting at $6,600 on DraftKings and $6,000 on FanDuel.  He is too expensive for me on DraftKings, as Will Barton makes for a much better option at the same price, but he is a strong play on FanDuel- at least in cash games.  His 15.8 percent usage rate, and the availability of all of the other Wizards starters, cap his ceiling since he is forced to rely on defensive stats and rebounds in order to have a big night.  Like the rest of the Wizards’ starters, however, Porter plays big minutes just about every night, so he has a very nice floor that is boosted by a game that will have extra possessions, rebound opportunites and chances for defensive stats.

Markieff Morris has been inconsistent, as usual.  His price is very low as a result, and he makes for a great tournament play and is worthy of cash game considering as well- particularly on FanDuel at $4,800.  His minutes sit in the low-mid 30s most nights, as long as he does not get in foul trouble or get ejected.  He is a very capable scorer who is capable of strong performances without relying on excessive rebounds.  That makes this a good spot for him, since Denver rebounds well but allows a lot of points.  In addition, Kenneth Faried and Wilson Chandler have both struggled to defend mid-range shooters, allowing opponents to shoot 9.2 and 1.2 percent better than average, respectively, on shots greater than 15 feet from the hoop.

Marcin Gortat has played very heavy minutes this season as a result of Washington not having a capable backup center on the bench.  While the matchup may appear tough since the Nuggets rebound very well, and Gortat is reliant on rebounds, the extra volume on rebounding opportunities should help make up for the decrease in efficiency.  Gortat is a strong bet for a double-double tonight somewhere along the lines of 12-15 points and 10-12 rebounds, which makes him an appealing mid-range play.

MINNESOTA at TORONTO (-8) 214 Total

Minnesota Timberwolves

Ricky Rubio has seen more playing time lately as a result of being allowed to play fourth quarter minutes again.  This obviously increases his productivity, but it is not enough to warrant rostering him.  He has not been as good from a DFS perspective this season as a result of Andrew Wiggins handling the ball more and that has not changed.  Rubio is still capable of the occasional big night, as he showed against Charlotte, but it does not happen often enough or big enough to be worth chasing.

Zach LaVine plays heavy minutes just about every night, averaging 37.1 minutes per game this season.  He is super athletic and takes a lot of shots, but it is better to roster him in fast paced games where he can excel in transition.  Toronto plays at the 23rd fastest pace in the league, so that does not benefit LaVine.  In addition, Toronto has the 4th best turnover ratio in the league, meaning they do not allow their opponents many fast breaks as a result of turnovers.  The argument for rostering LaVine in this matchup is essentially just “he plays a ton of minutes”, which is a perfectly fine reason to consider him.  He is scoring dependent, which lowers his floor somewhat, but the minutes and field goal attempts keep the floor relatively high as a result of volume.  He is not someone I am looking to roster tonight, but if you are in need of a $6,000 shooting guard you could do worse.

Andrew Wiggins is in play in tournaments simply based on his price point.  He has been very inconsistent this season because he is so reliant on scoring, but his price has dropped enough that he is worth the risk.  He is averaging 36.3 minutes and 17.9 field goal attempts per game this season, so the opportunity is certainly there.  DeMarre Carrol is questionable to play tonight and his status will play a big role in whether or not we should roster Wiggins.  If Carrol is in, Wiggins is only a deep tournament play as there are better small forward options and better ways to attack the Toronto defense.  If Carroll is out, however, Wiggins is a stronger play.

Gorgui Dieng is an appealing option that may go overlooked tonight.  He has not had many big games lately, but he has been a steady performer and, at his reduced price, his floor is high enough that we can roster him in any format.  It is very unlikely that Dieng hurts you at his price, and he does have a ceiling high enough that he can pay off $5,500 very nicely.  He will most likely be matched up with an injured Jonas Valanciunas, in a matchup he has succeeded in before as he recorded at least 40 DraftKings points in both games against Toronto last season.

Karl-Anthony Towns is also a very strong play from the Minnesota frontcourt.  He will most likely actually be playing power forward tonight but, regardless of where he plays, Toronto is going to have a difficult time stopping him.  Towns is very comfortable playing away from the basket and most of the Toronto frontcourt struggles defensively away from the rim.  Add in that Toronto is in the bottom half of the league in rebounding and Towns should have a very nice night, although his price is high enough that he is primarily a tournament option.

Toronto Raptors

Kyle Lowry is one of the best point guard options on the slate.  Lowry runs the pick-and-roll on 37.1 percent of his plays and averages 0.9 points per possession, which ranks better than 72 percent of PnR ball handlers.  Ricky Rubio, on the other hand, allows 1.11 points per possession to PnR ball handlers, which is worse than 95.6 percent of defenders.  In addition, Minnesota ranks 3rd worst in rim protection and Lowry averages 9.3 drives per game.  This is a perfect matchup for Lowry at a price point that is consistently too low for him.

DeMar DeRozan remains too expensive on FanDuel after his unbelievable start to the season.  His price has fallen to $8,100 on DraftKings, however, which makes him a reasonable play if you can afford him without giving up too much in terms of ceiling elsewhere.  He will benefit from the poor Minnesota rim protection as he averages 10.8 drives per game.  Kyle Lowry is the preferred option in the Toronto backcourt but DeRozan is also in play.

DeMarre Carroll is a viable cheap small forward option if he plays tonight.  It is best to target Carroll in games where he will be needed to defend a high usage wing, and that is the case tonight against Andrew Wiggins.  The amount of time that Wiggins spends with the ball in his hands increases Carroll’s chances for defensive stats and Wiggins’ ability as a scorer forces the Raptors to have him on the floor.

Jonas Valanciunas falls into the Emmanuel Mudiay category tonight.  His price has plummeted and he is capable of big games, but there are too many question marks around him.  He is dealing with an ankle injury and Dwayne Casey stated that Valanciunas’s minutes basically depend on what he feels like doing in-game.  The injury combined with the fluidity of his minutes makes him not worth taking a chance on tonight despite the price.

Patrick Patterson is an interesting tournament option because he is Toronto’s best chance at defending Towns away from the basket.  Patterson already plays a lot of minutes off the bench and is not a highly productive player, averaging just 0.74 DraftKings points per minute this season, but he could see a slight uptick in minutes tonight and potentially could pay off as a cheap tournament dart in large field GPPs.


Philadelphia 76ers

Sergio Rodriguez is in a nice bounceback spot tonight against the Pelicans.  His usage takes a hit when Joel Embiid plays, but his price is still very low and the Pelicans play at the 10th fastest pace in the league so Rodriguez will see a boost in pace.  Prior to the Memphis game, Rodriguez had played over 30 minutes and performed very well in his last two games.  He should have a much better game tonight than he did against Memphis.

The Philadelphia power forward situation is usually the most intriguing part of their matchup.  Embiid is going to play tonight, so all three of the forwards lose some appeal, but Okafor is still out so they are worth considering.  Ersan Ilyasova will most likely start alongside Embiid which, when combined with his steep increase in price as a result of his monster game last time out, makes him the least appealing option.  Dario Saric is the most appealing option, especially at $4,500 on FanDuel, because he will come off the bench and spend less time on the floor with Embiid.  He sees significant usage and rebounding increases when Embiid is not on the floor and that should continue tonight despite Embiid being active.  Richaun Holmes is still in play, although his price has crept up enough that it is difficult to trust him since his minutes are far from guaranteed with Embiid active.  It is likely that he sees 20-23 minutes, but it is also possible that Saric sees more time at the 5 at the expense of Holmes.  The increase in price makes it difficult to take the risk on minutes since it is uncertain he will do enough to justify his raised price even if he does play 20-23 minutes.

Joel Embiid, as always, is the most appealing Philly player.  He has a 38.1 percent usage rate this season and is facing the team with the 3rd worst rebounding percentage in the NBA.  That said, Omer Asik is a very capable rebounder- that is essentially all that he does.  Embiid’s price on FanDuel is still in the “must play” range, especially for cash games.  DraftKings has raised his price to $7,500, however, which is more correct for his ceiling and makes him less appealing in cash games because of his minutes restriction, although he remains a tournament option.

New Orleans Pelicans

Jrue Holiday is questionable with turf toe.  If he plays, he will likely start at point guard and send Tim Frazier to the bench.  It will still be difficult to roster him on FanDuel because playing alongside Anthony Davis causes his usage to dip somewhat and he is playing with a toe injury that tends to linger.  The same issues obviously apply on DraftKings, but he is more palatable there since he is only $6,200.  He is a tournament play only on either site.

If Holiday sits, Tim Frazier becomes a very appealing play- particularly on FanDuel at only $4,900.  He will be a strong cash play if Holiday is out and a good tournament play as well- especially if he is paired with Anthony Davis because they have a very strong positive correlation.

E’Twaun Moore is questionable as well and, if he sits, it opens the door for Langston Galloway and Buddy Hield.  Galloway is the preferred option, as he played 36 minutes and attempted 19 shots in the last game.  He will probably not take that many shots again but, at his price, he does not need to.  Buddy Hield would purely be a tournament option as, even when he has started games this season, he has lost a lot of minutes to Galloway.  He is a capable scorer and, if he gets hot early, it is likely that Gentry will stick with him so he does have upside although his minutes are very inconsistent.

Anthony Davis is obviously in an elite spot against Philadelphia that does not need much explaining.  Davis is the most expensive option on the slate, but that should not deter you from rostering him as he has played extremely heavy minutes this season and should absolutely dominate this matchup.

Terrence Jones is a very strong tournament play tonight at a low price.  He will likely come off the bench and be matchup up with a Sixers second unit that does not rebound or defend well at all.  He will probably go underowned since he comes off the bench and his minutes tend to fluctuate, but his upside in this matchup more than offsets the risk.

PORTLAND at MEMPHIS (+1.5) 205.5 Total

Portland Trailblazers

Damian Lillard gets another tough road matchup today.  He is basically unplayable on FanDuel at $9,600 and is only a tournament option on DraftKings at $8,300.  He obviously is a prolific scorer and can put up a high score in any matchup, but Memphis plays at the 4th slowest pace in the league, has the 4th best defensive rating, and the game is on the road where Lillard usually does not perform as well.

C.J. McCollum faces all the same negatives as Lillard and is in the same situation.  $7,400 on FanDuel is too expensive for the matchup and $6,600 on DraftKings is on the high end as well.  Someone will have to score for Portland so you can gamble on McCollum at low ownership in tournaments, but I am perfectly fine leaving Portland alone today.

Mason Plumlee has been productive this season but has a difficult matchup with Marc Gasol.  As I said with McCollum, someone on Portland will score points today but there are better options at every position and the Blazers are best left alone.

Memphis Grizzlies

Andrew Harrison is way too cheap on FanDuel.  He has not performed as well in his last couple of games as he did when he first took over the starting role, but he has a very nice matchup with Portland tonight.  The Portland backcourt gushes fantasy points to opposing guards and Harrison should post solid production simply as a result of the increased pace and his playing time (about 30 minutes per game in regulation as a starter).

Troy Daniels cooled off considerably in his last game and his price is up as a result of his hot streak.  He is still capable of catching fire, and has a good matchup, so he is in play in tournaments on a night where there are not many cheap shooting guard options to like.  Just know that there is a lot of risk because he is scoring dependent and he is not a consistent scorer.

Zach Randolph played 21.5 minutes in his return from the bereavement list and recorded a double-double.  He has always been very productive from a point-per-minute perspective and that should continue tonight against his former team, who struggles to defend players in the frontcourt.  $5,800 on FanDuel is a little expensive since he will likely only see around 23 minutes, but $5,300 on DraftKings makes him a fine tournament option.

JaMychal Green is too cheap on FanDuel at $5,300 and has a very nice matchup with Portland.  He played 35 minutes last game, with Randolph back, so his minutes appear to be stable.  He is an athletic player who has his best nights when he is in good rebounding spots and tonight is one of those nights since Portland struggles to rebound and plays at a relatively fast pace.

Marc Gasol is in an excellent spot, although his price has increased enough that he is primarily a tournament play.  Mason Plumlee will not be able to keep Gasol from doing whatever he wants offensively, and Gasol should be able to pull down plenty of rebounds as well.  The only concern with Gasol is that he is one of the older players on Memphis and they have played a ton of games lately.  Their game two nights ago was their 5th in 7 days, they were off yesterday, and they are playing again today.  At some point, we could see Coach Fizdale give Gasol some in-game rest and limit him to 25-26 minutes as we have seen him do in the past.


Golden State Warriors

This game is going to depend entirely on what news breaks today.  The Warriors are expected to sit players on this road trip and it is very likely one of their core guys sits tonight.  We do not know yet who it will be but, obviously whichever core players do not sit will get a boost in usage that will make up for their difficult matchup.  In addition, if one of the guards sit, look to Patrick McCaw or Ian Clark to pick up a lot of extra minutes.  All of the regular starters who play (other than Zaza) are strong tournament options tonight because this game will very likely stay close and they will see more minutes than usual which will offset the effect of the Utah defense and pace.

Utah Jazz

Shelvin Mack has been playing about 30 minutes per game with George Hill sidelined and has been productive off the bench in his absence.  Mack should benefit from the pace of the game against Golden State and is in play as a tournament option, although there are several cheap point guard in play today.

Gordon Hayward is an elite play today despite his increased price because of the absence of Hill, Hood and Favors.  Hayward has a 33.1 percent usage rate, 24 percent assist rate and 10.9 percent rebounding rate when he is on the floor without these three players.  He will defend Kevin Durant (if Durant plays) which could lead to foul trouble but Hayward is a veteran defender who should be able to avoid it.

Joe Ingles is a viable punt option at small forward with Hood out.  In two games without Hood this season, Ingles has averaged 27.5 minutes per game.  At his price, in a fast paced game, he is capable of producing a very useful score.

Rudy Gobert is a very strong center option today as a tournament pivot off Joel Embiid.  Gobert will benefit from increased shot volume leading to more rebounding opportunities and Zaza Pachulia not being a factor in the paint for Golden State.  In three games against the Warriors last season, Gobert averaged 37.2 DraftKings points in 35.1 minutes.  The 35.1 minutes per game is nearly 4 minutes higher than his season average last year, so it is good to see that he saw increased playing time against them despite their propensity to go small.

San Antonio at Chicago (+4) 201

San Antonio Spurs

Patty Mills is in play again tonight without Tony Parker, although his price has crept up a little bit and he will spend some time on the floor against Jerian Grant as a result of coming off the bench.  Grant is a much better defender than Rondo, so this hurts Mills a little bit.  He is in play because he will be running the offense most of the night for San Antonio but there are better cheap options for cash games and for tournaments than Mills in a game with the lowest total of the night.

Kawhi Leonard remains a strong option despite his cold streak lately.  He will likely play heavy minutes tonight to defend Jimmy Butler and he always has a very high floor for his price.  He is playable in tournaments as a pivot off Hayward but, where they are the same price, Hayward is still the preferred option.

LaMarcus Aldridge is in play for tournaments only because he has been very inconsistent this year.  This is not a great spot for him, but his price makes him appealing because he still has a 25 percent usage rate this season and is talented so he can, theoretically, have a big game in a less than ideal matchup.  There are better options in play tonight, however, such as Gorgui Dieng for a little bit less.

Pau Gasol is an appealing tournament option, especially on DraftKings at $5,000, facing his former team.  His minutes have fluctuated throughout the season, but he has shown that he can still produce when given the minutes due to a 22.1 percent usage rate, 15.7 percent assist rate and 16.7 percent rebound rate this season.

Chicago Bulls

Rajon Rondo is not in play for me tonight in a tough matchup that has the lowest total on the board.  His price would make him an appealing tournament option despite the matchup, but there is enough off the court stuff going on with him right now that it is probably best to leave him alone.  There will be a good matchup soon where we can jump on in tournaments and hope for a bounce-back game but this is not it.

Dwyane Wade is too expensive for the matchup at $7,200 on FanDuel but he is very appealing on DraftKings at only $6,000.  His minutes have been up lately, playing at least 34 minutes in each of his last three games and he leads the team in usage at 28.5 percent this season.  He has a nice floor and relatively high ceiling for his price on DraftKings despite the Spurs being a very good defensive team.  The Bulls will need someone to score to keep this game close and Wade is their best chance amongst the wings.

Jimmy Butler is a tough sell tonight with the other small forward options available.  $8,000 makes him somewhat appealing in tournaments on DraftKings since that is a low price for him, but he has a tough matchup with Kawhi Leonard and it is likely that he defers to others on offense more than usual.  It is best to look elsewhere at small forward.

Robin Lopez is one of the best center options on the board considering price.  He has been playing extended minutes lately and seen an increased role on offense, although that has subsided over the last two games.  This is a good spot for him to see increased usage again, however, because his matchup with Pau Gasol is better than the matchups for Wade or Butler on the perimeter.  Gasol is not a good defender and Lopez should be able to succeed in this matchup.  He had success against Gasol at the end of last season, as well, although they were both on different teams, when Lopez posted a line of 11 points, 13 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 blocks in 33.3 minutes.


Point Guard

Core: John Wall, Kyle Lowry

Secondary: Steph Curry, Damian Lillard (DraftKings)

Value: Jameer Nelson, Tim Frazier (if no Holiday), Sergio Rodriguez, Patty Mills, Andrew Harrison, Jamal Murray

Shooting Guard

Core: Will Barton, Bradley Beal

Secondary: DeMar DeRozan, Dwyane Wade (DraftKings), Klay Thompson, Zach LaVine

Value: Troy Daniels, Langston Galloway, (if Moore out), Norman Powell (if Carroll out)

Small Forward

Core: Gordan Hayward, Wilson Chandler, Otto Porter (FanDuel)

Secondary: Kawhi Leonard, Andrew Wiggins, Jimmy Butler (DraftKings), Otto Porter (DraftKings), Kevin Durant

Value: DeMarre Carroll, Joe Ingles, Joe Johnson (FanDuel)

Power Forward

Core: Anthony Davis, Gorgui Dieng, Nikola Jokic (FanDuel)

Secondary: Draymond Green, LaMarcus Aldridge, Zach Randolph (DraftKings), JaMychal Green (FanDuel)

Value: Dario Saric, Markieff Morris, Terrence Jones, Richaun Holmes


Core: Joel Embiid (FanDuel), Rudy Gobert, Nikola Jokic (DraftKings), Robin Lopez

Secondary: Karl-Anthony Towns, Marc Gasol, Marcin Gortat, Joel Embiid (DraftKings)

Value: Pau Gasol (DraftKings)