NBA Bargains –1/1/17

Happy New Year! To celebrate, let us look at the five-game slate for today and find the bargain plays that make our lineups hit the top of the standings. I am going to keep these under the $5,000 line for FanDuel (FD) and/or DraftKings (DK) and $9,000 on FantasyDraft (FDA). Let’s go!

NOTE: Assumptions are based on the following questionable players sitting tonight: Hassan Whiteside/Goran Dragic (MIA), Monta Ellis (IND), Evan Fournier (ORL), Kawhi Leonard (SA), and Patrick Patterson (TOR). Always check injury status for these and other potential plays as the day progresses!

Point Guards

Tony Parker – SAS at ATL – $4,300 (FD), $4,600 (DK), $9,100 (FDA) – Someone is going to get loose in Atlanta from the backcourt tonight for the Spurs. Parker, or Patty Mills if Parker does not play, would be in a great spot against a Hawks team that is 10th worst in defense over the last 10 games and giving up the seventh most three pointers in a game. Threes are not Parker’s game, but would be for Mills, but if Parker does go he is in a good spot, especially at that number on FanDuel.

Jordan Clarkson – LAL vs. TOR – $4,600 (FD), $4,500 (DK), $8,800 (FDA) – Pretty thin on the value point guard front, especially since all the Heat reserves are listed at shooting guard, so here is Clarkson, who could see extended run if the Raptors get out quick on the Lakers. Clarkson at least provides some ceiling here for tournaments, as his 23% raw usage rate gives him the ball more often than anyone else down here in the value area at point guard.


Shooting Guards

Danny Green – SAS at ATL – $3,700 (FD), $3,900 (DK), $7,700 (FDA) – Green fits the threes-for-San Antonio scenario, as he is 9 for his last 14 on threes in the last two games and the Hawks have been giving up the threes as mentioned above in the Spurs PG write-up. As long as Green gets 30 minutes, which he has in five of the last six games, this is a good spot for him.

Terrence Ross – TOR at LAL – $3,800 (DK), $7,400 (FDA), $4,000 (FD – listed as SF) – Ross has been rolling well lately and if Patterson misses could be locked into his 24-28 minute, 20% raw usage role. The Lakers have been the seventh worst defense over the past 10 games and given up the sixth most threes.


Small Forwards

C.J. Miles – IND vs. ORL – $3,900 (FD), $3,800 (DK), $7,400 (FDA) – With both Stuckey out and Ellis as questionable, Miles would get a significant minutes boost if both sat and playing against Orlando, who is the fourth worst defense over the last 10 games.

Kent Bazemore – ATL vs. SAS – $3,900 (FD), $4,000 (DK), $7,800 (FDA) – He is, at best, the fourth option out there for the Hawks, but their hustle guy who gets 20% raw usage. If Leonard is out, Baze benefits, being able to run around Kyle Anderson. Baze has solid tourney upside at this price.

Power Forwards

Meyers Leonard – POR at MIN – $3,500 (FD), $3,100 (DK), $6,000 (FDA) – Darn near the rock bottom minimum everywhere, Leonard is not for the weak of heart, however, he did fare well last season against Minnesota and Terry Stotts could choose to use Leonard as a stretch play to get Towns or Dieng out of the inside, much like they did against the Kings two games ago (25.5 FD points in 24.55 minutes).

Thomas Robinson – LAL vs. TOR – $4,100 (FD), $3,200 (DK), $6,300 (FDA) – With Larry Nance out, it would not take much to get Tommy Rob on the court for 22-25 minutes. Julius Randle foul trouble, blowout, what have you, and Robinson and his fantasy point per minutes production would be huge, especially on bonus sites for double-doubles. It is a thin night at value for power forwards, so if you are looking for high risk, high reward upside, Tommy can be your play.


Bismack Biyombo – ORL at IND – $4,700 (FD), $4,200 (DK), $8,400 (FDA) – Biyombo offers double-double upside and necessary defense against Myles Turner and Thaddeus Young here.

Willie Reed – MIA vs. DET – $3,500 (FD), $3,600 (DK), $7,100 (FDA) – If Whiteside sits, then it is Reed that will play. Reed, like Thomas Robinson, provides fantasy point per minute rate with upside at home. A 30 minutes run for Reed in relief of Whiteside would give a tremendous value for his near minimum price.

Good luck and Merry Christmas! – JW

I am a promoter at DraftKings and am also an avid fan and user (my username is jaywalker72) and may sometimes play on my personal account in the games that I offer advice on. Although I have expressed my personal view on the games and strategies above, they do not necessarily reflect the view(s) of DraftKings and I may also deploy different players and strategies than what I recommend above.