Tournament Study 8/20/17

What’s up, party animals! This article will be a weekend piece I do to highlight some of my plays during the week in specific tournaments to highlight my process and what was going through my mind on those days. I get messages asking me why I took certain stances on players or teams and felt it would be beneficial to just share it with the Fanvice community. You will still get my pitching takes on today’s show so that isn’t going anywhere. I’ll leave a link similar to the Starting Nine where you can see in a table the exact exposures I had to different players and stacks. Let’s get into it!

8/19/17 DraftKings Rally Cap – $8 (click here)

Tournament Study Exposure Chart 8-20-17 (click here)

Initial Thought Process

I was pretty straight forward with my pitching and once again didn’t get too cute. In tournaments, I felt it was obvious that Sale wasn’t “optimal” considering most of the field would be on the same bats. Sale was just too expensive and forced you into hitters you weren’t comfortable with. I mentioned in my previous piece that I like getting creative with my bats and that’s how I try to gain an edge in large-field tournaments. Any time a high-priced pitcher, like Sale yesterday, restricts me from going outside of the box with my hitters, I fade him. Strasburg was my pivot and it worked out perfectly.

If you look at my exposures in the sheet I’ve linked, you will see that my SP2 consisted of a few guys. Leading the way was McHugh who was in a great spot at home against Oakland, and Berrios who was my favorite cheap option on the slate. Both guys have strikeout upside and made for perfect plays in my opinion. A combination of these three guys lead to a lot of my lineups cashing in what many consider an “impossible” tournament to win. “Too many entries, so many people, you need the nuts.” K bro.

Contrarian Decisions

The recipe is somewhat obvious now. Pitchers I feel great about, no matter how chalky they are, and bats that are off the board. From the sheet I linked, you can also see I was heavy on Texas (like many others), but heavy on the guys everyone else was overlooking. You can see guys like DeShields, Choo, and Andrus all below 10% owned. In tournaments, that’s exactly what you want to see. I was also over the field on Napoli which had a huge night and Odor who also had two HR’s and was 3.2% owned. I was able to fade Coors successfully once again and get teams like Atlanta, Texas, Chicago, and Cleveland in order to get differentiation.

I hope this serves as a nice quick read on a Sunday morning. I’ll continue to do these on weekends highlighting the best tournament days. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about lineup construction or tournament strategies. Till next time, party animals!