Tournament Study 8/19/17

What’s up, party animals! This article will be a weekend piece I do to highlight some of my plays during the week in specific tournaments to highlight my process and what was going through my mind on those days. I get messages asking me why I took certain stances on players or teams and felt it would be beneficial to just share it with the Fanvice community. You will still get my pitching takes on today’s show so that isn’t going anywhere. I’ll leave a link similar to the Starting Nine where you can see in a table the exact exposures I had to different players and stacks. Let’s get into it!

Tournament Exposure Table


Initial thought process

Paying up for Scherzer was almost a must for me. You won’t be able to tell in the sheet I posted (we’ll get to that soon) but I was all in on Mad Max against the Padres. I was willing to eat the chalk and go Max/Moore across most of my lineups. I vary in my pitching tactics where some days I want to go cheap pitching and pay up for bats, or in cases like this I want to pay up and pair with a cheap pitcher. What stays consistent is that I won’t get cute with pitching and I’m willing to eat chalk.

Being exclusively a tournament player, you may wonder why I eat chalk at one of the most important position in MLB DFS and it’s because I don’t think that’s where you win GPP’s. If you see the picture below, I placed sixth but I missed out on first by more than 30 points. I played Keuchel/Moore in my top lineup which combined for 44.25 points, while he played Martinez/Moore which combined for 38.45. Tournaments are always going to be won by double dongs, or in this case TRIPLE DONGS. I try to get contrarian with my bats as much as I can and I’ll explain how I did that.


Contrarian Decisions

Many don’t understand what contrarian means. It does NOT mean picking the 3-run total team playing in ATT against Bumgarner. It’s picking a team with power against Hellickson in Camden Yards on an extremely humid day. If you see in my sheet, I had a good amount of exposure to teams like the Angels, Rays, Mets, and Twins as my contrarian teams. In one of my 55 lineups, I ended up with a combination of Angels and Twins which proved to be my best showing. In order to fit these contrarian teams, I had to hold back on some of the popular teams. I sacrificed my Dodgers exposure specifically. Not to say I didn’t have them, but I only wanted to be at the field exposure or lower on all their players.

It helps a ton when a scenario like yesterday plays out and you end up making the right pivot off Scherzer. I ended up being 100% on Keuchel instead of pivoting to Kluber which I thought most of the field would do. I stuck with my initial reading of Max, Moore, and Keuchel as being the only pitchers I wanted exposure to and I came really close to doing that.

Hope you guys enjoyed the first edition of this series. I’ll continue to do these on weekends highlighting the best tournament days. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about lineup construction or tournament strategies. Till next time, party animals!