Starting Nine 9/29/17

The data displayed will be from the start of this 2017 season. I like displaying this information on one page so I can see which pitchers have the most strikeout opportunities on a given night. We know strikeouts are huge in MLB DFS and looking at this information as lineups come out help me pinpoint which pitchers have the best matchups. With this info in front of us, here are the pitchers I think are in the best spots tonight.

Trevor Bauer – Bauer Power is back in the Starting Nine. He’s the chosen one to face the Chicago White Sox tonight who still strikeout 7th most against right-handed pitching. Bauer is already part of the post-season rotation and is making his last start of the season. I expect him to go as long as he can just like Carrasco did yesterday. Not much to fear here, Bauer has held righties to a .324 wOBA on the season while striking them out 29% of the time. He should see plenty of righties today and make quick work of them. Mike Pelfrey will take the mound against the Indians which should provide Bauer some run support as well. All my boxes are checked for Bauer today, making him my number one pitcher on the slate.

Wade Miley – Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Hahaha! He’s back, baby! I think he’s been on the Starting Nine just once this season and he dropped 21 DK points. Can you take a wild guess against who that was? The Tampa Bay Rays. Wade Miley is a terrible pitcher, but the matchup has me considering him. I’d love to pay for some expensive bats tonight and I’ll save where I can, including pitcher. Miley has a good shot to go six innings with six strikeouts of one or two run ball. If that proves to be the case, Miley will outperform his salary with relative ease. I love both sides in Coors, Texas, and Houston is in a prime spot again. If I want all of those teams I need some salary relief and this clown does that for me. It’s very risky and not a cash game play by any means, but I love risk and I love large-field tournaments, so Cy Miley it is!

Jake Odorizzi – Please, don’t look at his game log, you’ll fall in LOVE! Odorizzi has put together two great starts in a row and now faces a Baltimore team that is struggling mightily. I also love when he pitches in the confines of Tropicana Field, err AT&T JUMBO. This one is strictly a price play and I do think this is actually riskier than the Miley spot. Odorizzi throughout his career has been worse against right-handed hitters because he relies on his changeup so much, but this should be a watered-down lineup once again. We’ve seen weird lineups from the Orioles and I’ll have to wait and see what they come up with before I confirm this one. If you can’t tell, pitching sucks on this slate.

Feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) with any questions regarding todays slate. I will confirm these plays and more on the Deeper Dive later today. I’ll also be in the premium slack chat answering questions leading up to lock. Till next time, party animals!

Starting Nine 9-29-17