Starting Nine 7/6/17

The data displayed will be from the start of this 2017 season. I like displaying this information on one page so I can see which pitchers have the most strikeout opportunities on a given night. We know strikeouts are huge in MLB DFS and looking at this information as lineups come out help me pinpoint which pitchers have the best matchups. With this info in front of us, here are the pitchers I think are in the best spots tonight.

Chris Sale – Ez game ez lyf.

Francisco Liriano – There is no other way to fit Sale and decent bats. If you don’t want to pitch Sale then you don’t have to pitch Liriano. He gets one of the worst matchups in all of baseball and is only a price play for me. I like that he’s at home where he’s been a tad better. We’re just hoping for 15 fantasy points and a Sale monster outing. I’m also open to a combination of Hill and Ray which I think are good options today and filling your lineup with value bats. As of now, Sale and Liriano make my favorite combination for tournaments.

Josh Tomlin – The tournament play of the day will be Josh Tomlin. He sucks. He also faces the Padres which suck more. If Tomlin is working his cutter the best of his ability, I think he can eat up innings against this team. He’s not a strikeout pitcher so he doesn’t bring upside, but the Padres can help him in that category. I expect him to have some run support as well, so a win could be possible here. He’s ultimately on this list because of his price and let’s me get some bats with Chris Sale. It’s an ugly slate but it’s what we have. We’ll need all the luck we can get if we’re thinking about rostering these two bobo’s.

Feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) with any questions regarding todays slate. I’ll also be in the premium slack chat answering questions leading up to lock. Till next time, party animals!

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