Starting Nine Matz

The data displayed will be from the start of this 2017 season. I like displaying this information on one page so I can see which pitchers have the most strikeout opportunities on a given night. We know strikeouts are huge in MLB DFS and looking at this information as lineups come out help me pinpoint which pitchers have the best matchups. With this info in front of us, here are the pitchers I think are in the best spots tonight.

Steven Matz – So, I’m just throwing that last start out the window and analyzing the rest of his season. Steven Matz hasn’t been that bad! He hasn’t been the strikeout pitcher they projected him to be but he isn’t a pitcher you’d like to pick on. The A’s are making a cross-country trip to an NL park and come in as heavy underdogs. They have been one of the best matchups for pitchers over the last two weeks and that should continue tonight. If you’re worried about the last two starts, I wouldn’t blame you. #TeamLoyal

Matz came back from his DL stint and looked great. What could have caused these last two games? The slider, which he abandoned, all of a sudden made a return in a big way these last two starts. Nine of Matz’s 39 pitches against the Rockies were sliders due to their “scouting report.” Yes, the Rockies are filth against sliders, but if you haven’t thrown or practiced the slider in a while, you shouldn’t be throwing it. Because of this, Matz didn’t throw his curveball or changeup as much (his best pitches). The changeup, arguably his best pitch, limited hitters to just a .240 average in his first few starts and if you date back to 2015, the changeup limited hitters to a .150 average. If Matz goes back to his normal ways and eliminates the last two starts from his mind, he can post a 20+ point outing today.

Not done. It also helps that Matz and the staff seems to know what he did wrong. Look at this Heatmap (courtesy of of the location of Matz’s sliders this season. This is a recipe for disaster.


I’ll follow this graphic by a few quotes from Matz’s analysis of the Rockies game.

“Matz said he decided to throw more sliders because of the “scouting reports on guys.”

“I may need to get back to working that curveball and changeup more and trusting my stuff versus going to their scouting report and relying on that,” Matz said. “

Happy Matz Day!

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