Starting Nine 5/12/17

The data displayed will be a combination of 2016 and the start of this 2017 season. I like displaying this information on one page so I can see which pitchers have the most strikeout opportunities on a given night. We know strikeouts are huge in MLB DFS and looking at this information as lineups come out help me pinpoint which pitchers have the best matchups. With this info in front of us, here are the pitchers I think are in the best spots tonight.

Rick Porcello – For such a big slate, pitching against doesn’t seem strong. Porcello has been up to his old tricks and quietly posting some nice lines on the season. He will face a mediocre Tampa team at home where he’s been phenomenal throughout his career. The strikeout numbers have remained consistent for the Rays, especially the lefties which Porcello has performed well against. With Rasmus being an everyday player now, Porcello has the upper hand on this team which should roll out five lefties in today’s lineup. If they roll out the expected lineup, Porcello could make a run at eight innings of one or two run ball which would be great for tonight’s slate.

Matt Harvey – Man, it pains me to write him up but the matchup is in his favor. When we’ve seen the Brewers jump on pitchers, it’s been against lefties. Most of this team is made up of right-handed hitters which Harvey has defended himself against. Because of the suspension, Harvey is coming off extensive rest which is always good for someone who deals with injuries. It’s also worth noting that Braun will not be in the lineup once again after reinjuring himself. I think pitching is tough today so paying one of the lowest price tags for Matt Harvey isn’t the worst idea. The Brewers are still top three in strikeout rate against righties, and the absence of Braun has impacted this team before. We could see Harvey post a decent DFS line tonight especially for his price tag.

Clayton Kershaw – I don’t like rostering pitchers in Coors, but I’ve mentioned how bad the pitching slate is today. I much rather take the floor with Kershaw than try and predict an outing from one of the mid-tier pitchers. Kershaw is a saavy veteran who has pitched in Coors before and should have a game plan going in. He hasn’t been good in Coors but he hasn’t been atrocious either. If Kershaw can get me 20 points, I’ll pay the $11,300 price tag for him. Kershaw has been dominant against righties this season and with the Rockies lineup being primarily right-handed, he does have an advantage going into this one. In Kershaw I trust!

Feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) with any questions regarding todays slate. I will confirm these plays and more on the Deeper Dive later today. I’ll also be in the premium slack chat answering questions leading up to lock. Till next time, party animals!

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