MLB Starting Nine – 4/08/17 

The data displayed will continue to be from the 2016 season until we get a big enough sample size this season. I like displaying this information on one page so I can see which pitchers have the most strikeout opportunities on a given night. We know strikeouts are huge in MLB DFS and looking at this information as lineups come out help me pinpoint which pitchers have the best matchups. With this info in front of us, here are the pitchers I think are in the best spots tonight.

Clayton Kershaw – I never write up Kershaw because it’s no secret that he’s the best pitcher in baseball and I wouldn’t be telling you something you didn’t know. I’m writing about him because people will get scared off due to Coors. No other pitcher on the slate has upside like Kershaw does and Coors shouldn’t scare you. This Rockies team has started off ice cold and are a good bet to continue that. There’s no need to reference Kershaw’s numbers, he’s number one in everything. Play him.

Jhoulys Chacin – This is just a price play like some guys were yesterday. Again it seems like a night where bats are going to win you tournaments so I’m willing to punt a pitcher spot, especially if it’s with Kershaw so I can stack up on some top bats. Chacin isn’t as bad of a pitcher as we think. He does well against right-handed bats which he struck out at about 25% last year. The meat of this Giants lineup is primarily right-handed with Pence, Posey and Nunez all coming from the right side. If Chacin can get through the righties in this lineup, he should be able to pitch about six innings and return a nice fantasy outing.

Kyle Hendricks – One of my favorite pitchers in all of baseball. Hendricks showcases some of the best control in the entire league. His changeup is amongst the best in the league and it’s death to left-handers. With Shaw and Thames being the hottest hitters on this Brewers team, they should get neutralized easily. In my opinion, Hendricks was the best pitcher in the National League last year and today he gets the best strikeout matchup in baseball. If you have the salary for him, roster him with confidence.

Feel free to message me on Twitter (@MLora) with any questions regarding today’s slate. I’ll also be in the premium slack chat answering questions leading up to lock. Till next time, party animals!


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