MLB Pitching Prognostication 9/24/16 (Late)

All prices are DraftKings unless otherwise stated

Tonight features a couple of the best pitchers in baseball and a few bullpen arms making spot starts. It’s possible to make the wrong decision when taking a glance at the slate, but I’ll keep you away from the spot starts and find you value for tournaments. Let’s get to it!

Clayton Kershaw – LAD vs. COL -$12,800

There’s a few things that are going in LHP Clayton Kershaw’s favor. First off, $12,800 is actually a discount for who we consider the best pitcher in baseball and second, Colorado is atrocious against left-handed pitchers. There’s not much analyzing to do, Kershaw is elite in every category and the matchup is extremely favorable. At this price, Kershaw will be a staple of all my lineups.

Madison Bumgarner – SF at SD – $13,400

It’s very rare to see two elite pitchers on my list, but that shows what I think of pitching on this slate, and shows how good of a matchup both of these pitchers are in. There’s pretty much no chance you play Bumgarner today when Kershaw is cheaper, but If you wanted to play both and completely punt your bats, that could possibly work in a large field tournament. Although the Padres have been rolling out a different lineup lately, it’s still an inexperienced bunch with strikeout tendencies. If Kershaw wasn’t on the slate, Bumgarner would be my top-tier arm in any game type.

Wade Miley – BAL vs. ARI – $5,000

The slate is terrible when it comes to pitching, forcing me to consider Wade Miley in tournaments. He’s one of the few arms that’s not coming out of the bullpen or with a pitch count. At this point I’m just looking for a pitcher who can go six or seven innings and Miley fits that bill. The Arizona projected lineup strikes out about 24% of the time against left-handed pitchers, which can help his floor. At just $5,000, I’m willing to take a 15-point game from Miley and pair that with Kershaw in tournaments. There’s nothing safe about this play, but it’s one I’m willing to roll out if it means upside in tournaments.


I usually give four pitchers that I’m targeting in tournaments, but pitching is so bad today that I don’t feel comfortable recommending anyone else. Guys like Chen, Anderson, Gilmartin, and Jungmann are all on pitch counts or coming out of the bullpen. It’s looking like a night where I get creative with my hitters and don’t pay up necessarily, which is rare on my part. Either way, stay with the safe options in Kershaw and Bumgarner, that way you’re not tilting as soon as the slate starts. Enjoy your Saturday night and good luck this weekend. Till next time, party animals!