MLB Pitching Prognostication 9/07/2016 (LATE)

All pricing is DraftKings unless otherwise stated

Yesterday was arguably one of the worst MLB slates of the year when it came down to pitching. Terrible performances were rampant all over the league, and it was tough to feel comfortable with any lineup. If you managed to dodge the madness that was yesterday’s slate, congrats! If not, let’s quickly put last night behind us and getting back on the green train.

Brock Stewart – LAD vs. ARI – $4,500

This Arizona team is having a hard time in Los Angeles and can’t hit a basketball right now. The top four, who usually possess power and speed, are having a hard time getting on base, and the rest of the roster is following suit. Today should be no different for the Diamondbacks, making Brock Stewart a great GPP option. There’s four bats with multi-strikeout upside and if Stewart can go six innings, that should be enough to pay off that salary in a big way. Roster Stewart as your low-cost option with confidence.

Andrew Cashner – MIA vs. PHI – $6,300

RHP Andrew Cashner has been subpar, to say the least, but so have the Phillies. If we liked Urena yesterday, it’s fair to say we should have some interest in Cashner today. If he can command the strike zone better than Urena did yesterday, he should have no problem going deep into this game and racking up fantasy points. The strikeout matchup is a favorable one, while the park should limit homeruns to a great extent. Similar to Milwaukee, the Phillies can’t roll out a better lineup and are just trying to end the season without injuries. Cashner has a good shot at exceeding his salary and is in play when it comes to GPPs.

David Price – BOS at SD – $13,100

The price tag is about the only unappealing thing in this matchup. We’ve seen the Boston pitchers have their way with these San Diego bats and tonight should feature more of the same. With the best hitter in the Padres lineup being lefties, advantage goes to LHP David Price. The majority of this projected lineup has strikeout rates of 30% or higher which is absurd. Price also gets to face a pitcher in the lineup which should add to his strikeout total. He’s my clear number one today and unless an unusual lineup is rolled out, it should stay that way.

Ariel Miranda – SEA vs. TEX – $4,000

Hard throwing lefties are a weakness for this Texas ball club and we were able to see that yesterday with Paxton. Miranda fits that bill as well and is able to go over 100 pitches when given the chance. At minimum salary on DraftKings, Miranda is in play not only to pick up strikeouts but to have a chance at a 15-point game which will leave us sitting pretty in tournaments. This play is contingent on the lineup Texas rolls out, but if it’s a favorable one, I’ll have exposure to Miranda in tournaments. Make sure to tune in to the ‘Deeper Dive’ for my take once we have confirmed lineups.


Most of these plays are contingent on starting lineups and might get downgraded depending on various factors. With that being said, these are the guys I currently have my eye on to pair with Price. This should give me the cap to spend on bats and increase upside in tournaments, as I usually like to do. It’s shaping up to be another tough slate, we just hope it ends a lot better than yesterday did. Till next time, party animals!