MLB Pitching Prognostication – 09/6/2016

All prices are DraftKings unless otherwise stated

We’re back from a long weekend and ready to get back into gear! Thankfully I was able to dodge some bullets this weekend and have great outcomes with guys like Teheran, Archer, Maeda and a few cheapies. Today we might have to put our ninja hats again and dodge some of the obvious plays in bad spots. Either way, here are some arms I’ll be targeting in tournaments tonight.

Corey Kluber – CLE vs. HOU – $12,600

You know how much I dislike writing up top-tier arms. With that being said, this shows how highly I think of RHP Corey Kluber tonight. Not only is this one of the best strikeout matchups in all of baseball, the win is absolutely in play for the Indians who will face a bullpen arm tonight. For me to pay up at pitcher, I need everything to be perfect and it’s shaping up that way for Kluber. The Indians were forced to use eight pitchers yesterday so they’ll need Kluber to go the distance tonight. Righties are hitting a collective .263 wOBA vs. Kluber and the Astros are set to roll out six of them at a minimum. Kluber should dominate and the Indians should win relatively easily.

Jason Hammel – CHC at MIL – $7,500

I seem like a genius at times, but who am I kidding, just roster pitchers against the Brewers. These guys get worse every day and there’s nothing they can do about it. No numbers needed here, RHP Jason Hammel is priced too low for this matchup making him a great pt/$ play. At just $7,500 it lets you pay up for bats and increase your upside in tournaments. Five hitters with multi-strikeout capabilities and a pitcher in the lineup. If you need the salary relief, Hammel is a great option.

Ross Stripling – LAD vs. ARI – $4,900

We get to the part where I start inventing with my pitchers and we encounter RHP Ross Stripling. There’s nothing solid about this guy, but there isn’t with any pitcher in this salary range (or is there?). What I like here is the matchup against Arizona. This isn’t Chase Field so don’t inflate statistics. The Diamondbacks have four great hitters and five terrible ones. The strikeout matchup is great here as four hitters have multi-strikeout upside. Maeda had great success against them yesterday and although Stripling isn’t the same pitcher, his price accounts for that. Look for Stripling to have a good shot at paying off his salary and letting you pay up for bats.

Jose Urena – MIA vs. PHI – $5,400

I was torn between RHP Jose Urena and RHP Paul Clemens, but Clemens rarely exceeds 85 pitches. The strikeout matchup is phenomenal, the park is greatly in his favor, and the Marlins are -150 favorites! What more can you ask for from a $5,400 starting pitcher? Kluber and Urena seem like a great pairing considering the field will gravitate towards Weaver. Remember, one hitter in this lineup hits above-average against right-handed pitchers, so Urena should be able to go deep into the game. If the Marlins can pick up a win for Urena, we will be sitting pretty in tournaments.


Notice how I didn’t write up RHP Luke Weaver. It is my priority to get away from the herd in large field tournaments and it seems fairly easy tonight. I won’t be rostering the underpriced Weaver as I think the matchup is not in his favor. I’ll look to guys like Stripling and Urena to differentiate my lineups and gain an edge. My cheap stacks will consist of Kluber and Hammel, while expensive ones will shift me over to one of the cheapies. Seems straight forward tonight so I wish you all the best. Till next time, party animals!