MLB Divisional Round Thoughts 10/05/16

We’re into the playoffs and that means we have Divisional Round DFS. I’ll cover the three games that are on the slate that starts today. I’ll mention what I think of the pitching options and what we can expect from hitters as well. Let’s dive in!

San Francisco Giants at New York Mets

Thankfully, Pete was able to write up some good analysis on this game and I’d be a fool to think I could top him so you can read his article here.

Boston Red Sox at Cleveland Indians

This is an interesting matchup and one that can be full of runs. Yes, both pitchers have been great this season, but hitting is the clear forte of both teams at the moment. Cleveland showcases great left-handed bats that can make life difficult for any righty, and Boston has right-handed bats that are among the hardest to strikeout in the league. If both teams limit the strikeouts and force long at-bats, it’s tough for me to see this being a pitchers’ series and rather roster the bats in this small 3-game slate. Trevor Bauer has some pretty respectable strikeout numbers, but all other metrics are hovering around the league average for the most part. With the Red Sox being an elite offense, they become a really nice play in this slate. One last thing to note here, every hitter in both lineups is an above-average hitter against right-handed pitching.

Toronto Blue Jays at Texas Rangers

Most players will probably stack this game when it comes to bats. Texas is notorious for being a hitter’s park and pitchers tend to struggle when playing here. The Blue Jays have yet to announce a pitcher, but we can assume that Hamels will get the start for the Rangers and his struggles in Texas are well documented. If the power bats for Toronto are ready to roll, Hamels should struggle here despite his great season and we should see runs on the board from this Blue Jays offense. On the Blue Jays side, I expect either Aaron Sanchez or Marco Estrada with the start here and either one should not dominate considering the park and the left-handed power Texas has. Guys like Odor, Mazara, Beltran, and Profar are all tough outs for any right-handed pitcher. Vegas lines aren’t out yet, but I expect an 8.5 total here and could be worse depending on starting pitching. One thing to remember, Toronto used five relievers in yesterday’s game and although there is a travel day in between, fatigue could be a factor in this series.


It’s pretty easy to see where the public will be when it comes to pitchers and bats. Bumgarner and Syndergaard seem to be the top options, while bats from the Texas game seem to be the popular choice. I wouldn’t shy away from the Cleveland game as a way to get under-owned bats with upside in tournaments. Most importantly, become a fan and just have fun watching playoff baseball. It’s one of the best atmospheres we’ll see all year and truly makes for a great experience. Till next time, party animals!