InGame Fantasy and FanVice Exclusive Promotion

Act Now! – Limited Time Offer

FanVice is excited to announce a new partnership with InGame Fantasy, the only fantasy game where all drafting is done in real time during games.

Utilize the promotion code FanVice and receive 30 free days of FanVice premium content (email after you have created an account and made your first deposit).

InGame Fantasy sports will also provide a 25% no-drip bonus on deposits up to $100 — meaning it’s instantly playable! (*Terms: must play 2 cash entries for every $5 in bonus awarded to be eligible for withdrawal)

SPECIAL FREEROLL – Friday September 29th through Sunday October 1st

The freeroll lasts all weekend and FanVice members will have three attempts to get some FREE CASH by beating the best score of the top FanVice contributor.  The top 50 entries that best the top FanVice contributor score will receive $5 (limit one per account) from InGame Fantasy and THE BEST non-contributor score overall gets a FREE MONTH OF FANVICE PREMIUM CONTENT!

How do I play? First, you have to download the app on your smartphone. For iOS, you can get it right here in the App Store. Because of restrictions with Google Play, Android users must download the app directly from the site’s homepage (don’t worry it is secure). Just drop in your mobile number, and a text message will arrive with a download link.

How does it all work for baseball?  Hang on tight, because this is about to knock your socks off!  InGame Fantasy is like nothing else on the market, with decisions being made on the fly WHILE the games are in action on the field.

Most contests are for three or six innings, which really means for 9 or 18 outs.  You can choose up to three batters to be active in your queue at any time among those who are not yet at bat in a real MLB game.  However your batters perform in real-life sequence is how you scores runs.  If they keep getting hits and walks, they will advance each other around your virtual base paths.  If they get an out, so do you.  Every three outs, your virtual baserunners are cleared.  The entry with the most runs wins (tiebreakers are based on most hits, then total bases).

What about pitchers? That is one of the best parts, we don’t have to worry about them since this is a game focused solely on hitters.  Now of course we want to target those hurlers that are generally of below average talent, in a hitting friendly ballpark and if there is warm weather (85+) and a nice breeze (12-15mph+) heading towards the outfield, all the better for us!

Can I play more than one game or entry at ones?  Yes, you can play multiple games at once, and there is even a button that allows you to apply your picks to all of your open contests. But if you decide to use different batters in each contest, attempting to do more than two or three at the same time gets really tricky.