InGame Fantasy and FanVice Exclusive Promotion

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FanVice is excited to announce a new partnership with InGame Fantasy, the only fantasy game where all drafting is done in real time during games.

Utilize the promo code: FanVice and receive 30 free days of FanVice premium content (email after you have created an account and made your first deposit).

InGame Fantasy sports will also provide a 25% no-drip bonus on deposits up to $100 — meaning it’s instantly playable! (*Terms: must play 2 cash entries for every $5 in bonus awarded to be eligible for withdrawal)

How do I play? First, you have to download the app on your smartphone. For iOS, you can get it right here in the App Store. Because of restrictions with Google Play, Android users must download the app directly from the site’s homepage (don’t worry it is secure). Just drop in your mobile number, and a text message will arrive with a download link.

How does it all work for baseball?  Hang on tight, because this is about to knock your socks off!  InGame Fantasy is like nothing else on the market, with decisions being made on the fly WHILE the games are in action on the field.

Most contests are for three or six innings, which really means for 9 or 18 outs.  You can choose up to three batters to be active in your queue at any time among those who are not yet at bat in a real MLB game.  However your batters perform in real-life sequence is how you scores runs.  If they keep getting hits and walks, they will advance each other around your virtual base paths.  If they get an out, so do you.  Every three outs, your virtual baserunners are cleared.  The entry with the most runs wins (tiebreakers are based on most hits, then total bases).

What about pitchers? That is one of the best parts, we don’t have to worry about them since this is a game focused solely on hitters.  Now of course we want to target those hurlers that are generally of below average talent, in a hitting friendly ballpark and if there is warm weather (85+) and a nice breeze (12-15mph+) heading towards the outfield, all the better for us!

Can I play more than one game or entry at ones?  Yes, you can play multiple games at once, and there is even a button that allows you to apply your picks to all of your open contests. But if you decide to use different batters in each contest, attempting to do more than two or three at the same time gets really tricky.


Ready to get in the action fast?  Here are some players to target for Friday Night!

Going forward we will want to really pay attention to which bullpens are gassed and what starters may get pulled early leading to the long-inning guy “taking one for the team” or even better, when a sub-par 4th or 5th starter may be asked to eat innings for the club after a tough series.

However, coming off the All-Star Break everyone in refreshed and we will be seeing a lot of top-end starters over the next couple days, so that means our choices won’t be quite as “obvious” but that is why we are digging into things now!

James Shields CHW vs SEA – this is a fine spot for all of the Mariners hitters moving from a bottom three hitting environment (Safeco Field) to one of the best in the league (Guaranteed Rate Field) particularly for left-handed power bats. Through seven starts across 31 1/3 innings, Shields has allowed seven home runs to left-handed hitters and three to righties. Look to Robinson Cano, Kyle Seager, Nelson Cruz and Mitch Haniger as top options Friday night.

Nick Pivetta PHI at MIL – in an odd twist, Pivetta has allowed just one home run against 118 lefties faced this season while giving up eleven across 135 right-handed hitters.  While he does have strikeout upside, we can give consideration to Eric Thames, Ryan Braun, Travis Shaw and Domingo Santiago.  Also if you are looking for a sneaky option, either Stephen Vogt or Manny Pina have solid power against righties and are in a good spot for an extra-base hit or perhaps even a home run.

Gio Gonzalez WAS at CIN this is a park downgrade for Gonzalez who has been performing much better of late.  He is susceptible to power hitters so we want to consider Adam Duvall as the obvious play, but Joey Votto checks in with a tremendous .395 wOBA and a .224 ISO in lefty/lefty matchups since the beginning of 2016 and in his career against Gonzalez he has gone 8 for 18 .444 average with 3 HRs, 3 DBLs and 6 Ks.

Tim Adelman CIN vs WAS – Sticking in the same game, we have to mention that RHP Tim Adleman has allowed 19 home runs already this season (10 to lefties and 9 to righties) so we can target him with pretty much anyone in the top five of the Nationals lineup.

Ricky Nolasco LAA vs TBR – RHP Ricky Nolasco has seen better days and he is vulnerable to batters swinging the stick from the left-side of the plate with his .345 wOBA, 34.6% Hard Hit and 1.78 HR/9 rate.  Our preferred targets from the Devil Rays are Logan Morrison and Corey Dickerson.

Clayton Richard SDP vs SFG – While Richard has allowed zero home runs to same-handed hitters this season, the Padres southpaw has been crushed by righties allowing 19 home runs.  Yes, Petco Field is a large ball park, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid someone like Buster Posey who has hit 11 for 27 .407, 2 HRs, 2 DBLs in his career against Richard.