Getting Started in Daily Fantasy Baseball Leagues

Getting Started – Daily Fantasy Baseball

When you want to transition from your season long fantasy baseball leagues to a daily fantasy baseball league, the easiest way to think about it is comparing a marriage to a one night stand. Season long baseball is a lot like a marriage. It’s a daily job and if you screw up once you will hear about it for the rest of the year. The beauty of daily fantasy is you screw up once you can forget about the drama and start fresh the next day after you call him/her a cab.

Perhaps not the latter, but you get the picture. DFS baseball is quick, easy and fun.

Now that you realize how low maintenance DFS baseball is, you’re welcome.

Here are some tips and strategies to make the beginning of your newest addiction easier for you:

Constructing Your Lineup

#1: Pitchers Are the New Black

The pitcher mirrors that of a quarterback for those of you who are particular to football. They’re going to cost you the most and a lot of the time they’re going to put up the most points, which means you’re allowed to make it rain a little. Since pitchers are only going to go every five games unless they try to do something cute and bring in a 6 man rotation, GIVE HIM ALL OF YOUR MONEY. Sure, you may think your stud of a hitter will dominate, but if you look at patterns, Jake Arrieta will be a consistent scorer as opposed to Yoenis Cespedes. Yes, La Potencia can receive a golden sombrero, it’s not unheard of. And don’t embarrass me by starting a guy on the bump and outing after he gave up more walks than you did playing JV baseball.

#2: Gotta Catch Them All

Oh c’mon, I had to go there. This has to do with catchers. The catcher position is a love/hate position. The guy could typically be cheap and won’t run up your score too much. So a name like Stephen Vogt is a lot like a fancy designer top you find on the clearance rack: you won’t spend a lot, and although people may have never heard of the designer, it looks damn good on you. When you see a sexy name like Buster Posey or Yadier Molina however, don’t try to put all of your money on them, just don’t do it.

#3: Notorious OBP

I’m killing it with these subtitles aren’t I? The one thing I’m obsessed with is statistics. I am constantly on a few websites checking the latest numbers on these guys. One of my favorite stats besides BABIP is the onbase percentage. These numbers are vital when it comes to a cash game and GPP’s. The batting average is a stat you will want to automatically pay attention to, but let’s be honest, we love a good OBP.

#4: The wOBA and the Slugging Percentage

Pay attention to these statistics as a determinant for how hard a ball is about to be hit. I’m a Baseball Reference and FanGraphs kind of girl. They’re always open on my computer. wOBA (Weighted On Base Average) also gives you some details on whether or how much a pitcher is giving up.

#5 Fill in the Blanks

Okay don’t actually do this. But this is common sense. You know how much money you are given, so you should know how much you’re allowed to spend. If Mike Trout is about to go up against Oakland at home, he’s worth the $4,800 on FanDuel. If Clayton Kershaw is your starting pitcher, pay attention to his ownership percentages and don’t be dumb, but remind yourself the Kershaw’s and the Kris Bryant’s are going to cost you a pretty penny. But sometimes pretty pennies are worth it. Some extra advice would be to pay attention to some statistics. It seems like an extra step, but you’d be surprised how fun it can actually be. You are one upon your competition sometimes and knowing how a guy is going to perform against certain pitches and at a position in a lineup is always a good thing.