CFL Week 9


What is going on #FamVice!  This is going to be an exciting series of articles that I’ll be producing throughout the rest of the CFL season to get everyone up to speed for each week for the North of the Border football!  These articles and my accompanying podcast will be more in-depth than my previous Slack Chat thoughts now that I am on a more stable platform. Through these two media channels, I will be able to give a much clearer picture of guys that I like and don’t like in a given week and most importantly, why I like or dislike those players. For the articles, I will be utilizing a position by position format and for the podcasts I will utilize a game by game approach.  So without further ado, let’s get into the good stuff!


Trevor Harris – OTT vs HAM – $10,700

There is always a ton that I can say about Trevor Harris; the guy is the quarterback on my favorite team in the league.  Everything that you hear in the media about Trevor Harris not being a true leader in the locker room is something that I find to be completely bogus, especially since he led this team to a Grey Cup just last season.  Aside from the rant, Harris is in one of the best matchups that any player can be in for the CFL.

This Hamilton defense is still one that is heavily injured in key areas and with no sign of improvement from the backups on the team; remember, this is the same Hamilton team that has been allowing 366.3 passing yards per game.  Yes, Harris has had his struggles as of late, but that is no reason to fade a great quarterback going up against one of the worst defenses this league has ever seen.  Use him in cash and GPPs as freely as you’d like.

Mike Reilly – EDM vs WPG – $11,300

Reilly is a boring yet necessary guy to talk about this week. Week in and week out, Reilly has been putting up some extremely consistent DraftKings point outputs, and there’s no reason why that cannot continue going into this week against Winnipeg. With LaDarius Perkins performing as well as he has been the past two weeks in the absence of Travon Van, this opens up the run game for the Eskimos, which in turn allows for the passing game to become a less predictable element in the game. Like Harris, I have no issue using Reilly in cash or GPP contests this week.  Both are in solid spots and can’t blame anyone for taking a firm stance either way.

Zach Collaros – HAM vs OTT – $7,700

In a feat of mental strength, I used Zach Collaros in one GPP line last week.  I represented what I believed to be the only viable Collaros line in any GPP.  It seemed like a half decent play last week, and it’s an even better half decent play this week (if that really means anything). If the Hamilton Ti-Cats are going to win one game this season, it’s going to be one at home against the Ottawa Redblacks.  They are the other team in this league that seems to be looking widely out of sorts defensively this season.  Ottawa is allowing 353 yards per game through the air this season, not that far off from Hamilton all things considered.

My best guess is that this game is going to be a shootout due to poor defensive play on both sides, though this does not make Collaros a cash play. He is tournament only, and if you do use him, I urge you to make sure that he is paired with two of his receivers to capitalize on any upside that he might show in this game.  Which would be juicy at the sub 10% ownership that you will see all Hamilton players at.

Running Back

Andrew Harris – WPG vs EDM – $7,300

At some point, Andrew Harris had to fall from the high 20 to 30 point DK point outings that he was racking up, and he certainly came back to Earth some.  However, Andrew Harris still remains one of the elite running backs that you will find in CFL DFS.  Even with Tim Flanders coming back into the lineup, Harris is still seeing a combined 14 carries and targets (otherwise referred to as opportunities to score DK points) per game.  For a CFL RB, this is more than average, which is why I suggest using him against the Edmonton Eskimos this week.  Winnipeg is going to need this game to stay close, and in order for them to compete, they most certainly have to involve Harris in order to mix things up in the game plan.

Projected ownership aside, Harris is one of the best plays that you can get this weekend (though this is something that seems to be said here every week).  The only concern here, if any, is that his targets have gone down, which might limit his upside if this trend continues.  For now though, I am going under the assumption that these last two games have both been the exception, not the rule.  Hopefully, I can be correct in this thought.

Jeremiah Johnson – BC vs CGY – $7,500

Running back is not a glorious position this week, thus I might find myself using talented players that might not be in the best overall situation this week.  Insert Jeremiah Johnson, who is a talented and skilled running back whose team’s game script might not favor him this week.  Johnson, for the most part, is not a guy who will be catching passes from the backfield to reach his fantasy upside. Instead, he’s a guy that will run the ball through you and use his power to run himself into the end zone. Overall I believe that this game can stay somewhat close only if BC can put up a better showing than they did defensively against Saskatchewan.

The good news is that this Calgary Stampeders team has not been great against the run this season, allowing 93.9 yards per game rushing, third worst in the league.  Anytime BC gets in the red zone, Johnson will have a good shot at scoring six, which is what we want to see.  Not the safest of cash plays this week, but he is viable in the format, and is great for GPPs with people being more on Harris as their only RB and no one else.

LaDarius Perkins – EDM vs WPG – $5,900

Let me start out by saying this- he is a lower than the field exposure play for me this week.  Though I still like the play more than other RBs on the slate.  Even though his price is almost double this week then it was last, there is good reason for it.  He is seeing the carries and the targets in his first two weeks as the starting RB, and I see no reason for this to be the first week that it stops.  It will be a close game throughout away against Winnipeg. Bump up Perkins in your projection if you believe that Winnipeg is going to lose in this game.

Wide Receiver

Greg Ellingson – OTT vs HAM – $9,700

Wowza!  That is a lot of cap space to be dedicating to any one player, especially if that player is in a volatile position such as the WR spot. But going up against Hamilton this week, the price tag is extremely justified- we are talking about the CFL leader in receiving yards, a man who is tied for first in the league in touchdowns, third in the league in targets, and second in the league in receptions (right behind his teammate Brad Sinopoli ($8,000) who I also love this week).

You can get cute here and fade Ellingson due to his ownership, and I would totally get that. But in cash games, I see no reason for the fade with how amazing the matchup is this week for him. My suggestion is to not get too cute and completely fade him, but being underweight compared to the field is acceptable.

Marquay McDaniel – CGY vs BC – $7,900

McDaniel, and the rest of the Calgary Stampeders for that matter, are going to be ignored this week, as is any team that is coming off of a bye week in this league.  In their last game against the Toronto Argonauts, he saw an astonishing 12 targets for 8 catches, 77 yards and two touchdowns. Even in a one game sample size, we can see clearly who one of the main beneficiaries are to a Kamar Jorden injury.  On top of Jorden being out, Lamar Durant looks to be out this week as well (though make sure to check on the depth chart when that comes out later in the week.

McDaniel gets the matchup this week against a BC pass defense that is allowing 319 yards per game through the air.  Which isn’t terrible, but not great by any means.  McDaniel is underpriced as well at only 7900, which I think is a great mistake by the DK pricing algorithm that we need to be taking advantage of this week. He is a fine play in all formats this week and I suggest rolling him out where you can.

Luke Tasker – HAM vs OTT – $6,900

If I am going to suggest a crazy quarterback play like Collaros this week, then I might as well play his receivers as well.  And if I am going to suggest one of those receivers this week, it will his favorite target in Luke Tasker.  Despite being very low on the overall WR totem pole this season (mainly due to the QB play, gulp), he is fourth in the entire CFL in targets, which is always a green flag when it comes to rostering a receiver.

I am a lot less afraid of playing a naked Tasker then I am a naked Collaros, because by himself, I believe that Tasker provides a higher floor.  That being said, it is debatable as to whether or not you can consider him a cash game play.  But certainly he is up there in the WR receiver ranks for GPPs, especially when stacked with Collaros.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, direct them to me on either the slack chat, or my Twitter @Echeney17.  Good luck in your contests this week!